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I developed the ChunkitZ visual to deal with my concern that young children were more than willing to “memorize” patterns on ten frames, but were they really using their brain’s ability to recognize and come to know small quantities without counting. 456 more words

Critical Thinking

Why does 0! = 1 ?

Below is some email I recently exchanged with my nephew John, an  adult whose unusual upbringing left him as a beginner at math. But he’s intelligent, and very enthusiastic; how many students at this level would try to prove anything? 449 more words


Ask Questions!

One of the most important things I’ve found in teaching so far is the importance of asking meaningful questions to deepen mathematical understanding. I want my students to be mathematical thinkers and to be able to discuss their thinking with me and with their peers. 783 more words

Try this: Behave like a disciplinarian

What subject(s) do you teach? When was that last time you explored an unknown or created something new in that field? Try it out and then write out the steps you took and the questions you asked yourself along the way.  73 more words

21st Century

How mountain biking can provide the key to the Eureka moment

Because this blogpost covers both mountain biking and proving theorems, it is being simultaneously published by the Mathematical Association of America in my Devlin’s Angle… 2,349 more words

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