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Easter Holidays

Miss Azzopardi and Mrs Elchaar hope Year Five are having a lovely Easter holiday. Easter is a time to grow and be more like Jesus… 192 more words


Tessellations and Love of Geometry

I had my geometry students work on a tessellation project while I was in New Orleans at NCTM. A colleague had done this with her students a year or two ago and said they really enjoyed it. 212 more words


Missing Math: A Number Mystery

Missing math : a number mystery

Missing Math: A Number Mystery
by Loreen Leedy
ATOS 2.7 460L

Essential Question: Why are numbers important? 196 more words


Arthur Benjamin: Lightning calculation and other "Mathemagic"


Arthur Benjamin is an American mathematician known for his stage and TV shows in mathemagic – showing off his skill in rapidly performing calculations with large numbers. 304 more words

In what manner do mathematical objects exist?

I mean it cant really be said they don’t exist, as many of our models of the physical world use them, unless of course we take a uselessly literal and physical interpretation of existence. 242 more words


Math Part Two - Palindromes and Passwords

I’m a Math Nerd. I confess. I like numbers. It’s a weakness. I liked Math so much that I majored in it back in college even. 698 more words