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Americas Leadership

We have lost alot of core principles in both society and political structure the sad part i denouce when paid 50million thats an offer ..fair… 27 more words


House Graphs and House X Graphs - Eulerian and Hamiltonian Paths

As stated before, House and House X Graphs aren’t widely described on the Internet, following from my previous post on the properties of House Graphs, I wanted to show that House (X) Graphs aren’t Eulerian (do not have a Eulerian Path) and aren’t Hamiltonian. 290 more words

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Flam on Bayes's Theorem

Official Website Science Journalistâ„¢ Faye Flam, who gave us a nice guest post a while back about how to talk to reporters, has her first article up in today’s Science Times at the… 459 more words

Science Journalism


We see percents all around us. The state sales tax is a percent, stores often offer a certain percent off for sales. Here is how you can find out the percent of just about anything. 222 more words


Can't Escape Math

The Lab Diaries
Entry No. 5

Life’s much simpler when we take things one at a time, killing time softly- just like when we do basic arithmetic. 237 more words

The Lab Diaries

Open Thread

It’s been a long time since I had one of these.

Some random stuff I’ve come across:

i. Reviews of Anything. Some pretty funny stuff there. 297 more words