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Formal Graphs

Throughout the years I have been studying philosophy the dualistic conception of the Platonic Universals and Particulars has never ceased to plague my mind. As a physicist I am far too inclined to say there is a material world from which we must abstract information which must be used to describe our world. 349 more words


Blackberry Paying People To Sell Their iPhones

CNBC reports that Blackberry is offering people up to $550 to sell the company their iPhones. The catch: you have to buy a Blackberry that retails for $500. 96 more words


PhotoMath: review of a free smartphone app

Because of my decades as a math teacher, a friend of mine recently told me about a free smartphone app called PhotoMath and suggested that I write a review of it. 1,586 more words

Nature Photography

Christmas Cards

We have been making Christmas cards to send to our families. We think these robins look very jolly!

Physical Development

Bradley Loves has left a Comment for us all . . .

At the moment of this publication, Bradley’s recent post published on November 21, 2014, called THE “KEY” TO OUR ENSLAVEMENT IS THE SEXUAL ENERGY has received 11,384 hits, and the counter shows no signs of  422 more words


Reinforcing the Adult to Child Relationship

I was like, is she for real? Maths is simple if we have discovered something of the complexity of the world. The simpler the world, the more difficult mathematics becomes. 364 more words


The Baffling and Beautiful Wormhole Between Branches of Math

Euler’s identity: Math geeks extol its beauty, even finding in it hints of a myste­rious connected­ness in the universe. It’s on tank tops and coffee mugs. 23 more words