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A Rhombic Dodecahedron, Decorated with Curvy Tessellations

The faces of this polyhedron are decorated with the same type of curvy tessellation seen in the last post here, and it was created using… 60 more words


Mathematics Subject Special Update

The UKEdchat Mathematics Subject Special took place on Thursday 23rd October and the Session page has been updated with the complete chat.  Note that you do not need a Twitter account to view any of the links mentioned in the slideshow or in this post. 365 more words


Differentiating Truth and Reality

It is easy to equate the two terms, but there is quite a bit of qualifying factors contribute to truth that do not for reality. 440 more words


Is Shinichi Mochizuki's work slowly being absorbed ?

While I do not speak japasese, I’ve noticed a conversation somewhere, from which it appears that :

(a) Go Yamashita has a paper in preparation titled ‘A proof of abc conjecture after Mochizuki’, and he also is in the middle of a string of lectures on that topic : 18 hours of talks at RIMS last september titled ‘Inter-universal Teichmuller theory and its Diophantine consequences’, and two further weeks of lectures (68.5 hours in total) next march at a RIMS workshop titled ‘On the verification and further development of inter-universal Teichmuller theory’ ; 61 more words


How To Hear Drums

Famous solution by Carolyn Gordon and David Webb that you CAN'T hear the shape of a drum -> http://t.co/ymbHkNSd55

— math prof (@mathematicsprof) October 15, 2014…

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