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Spherical Trigonometry and Navigational Calculations


Navigation is the process of planning, recording, and controlling the movement of a craft or vehicle from one location to another. The word derives from the Latin roots navis (“ship”) and agere (“to move or direct”). 1,753 more words


Team at University of Maryland use drones, satellites and mathematics to battle poachers in Africa and Asia

Phys.org: In 2014, 1,215 rhinos were killed in South Africa for their horns, which end up in Asia as supposed cures for a variety of ailments. 65 more words


Decimal Places

This is probably very basic, but it’s not something I had heard off described as a decimal place before my maths module and I’m sure there will be others that havnt heard of this either but will know what it is. 40 more words


Talking in class. Do we know how to use it?

These posts were inspired by the Cockcroft report (1982). This first one came about after considering paragraph 245:

Exposition by the teacher has always been a fundamental ingredient of work in the classroom and we believe that this continues to be the case.

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Revisiting the Cockcroft report

I began secondary school in September 1982. That same year Mathematics Counts, the report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Teaching of Mathematics in Schools led by Dr Wilfred Cockcroft, was released. 266 more words


Reading the Comics, January 29, 2015: Returned Motifs Edition

I do occasionally worry that my little blog is going to become nothing but a review of mathematics-themed comic strips, especially when Comic Strip Master Command sends out abundant crops like it has the past few weeks. 669 more words


371 What Pythagorean Triple Comes Next?

2^371 (mod 371) = 340, not 2. Therefore, 371 is definitely a composite number. Scroll down to see its factoring information.

If you can figure out the simple pattern that these odd Pythagorean triples make, you can predict the next one in the sequence FOREVER by squaring only one number, and without ever taking a single square root! 394 more words