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Zeno's Arrow Paradox

Was reading a lot about time this last week and came across again the problem of motion and Zeno’s arrow paradox. To remind you it says that when an arrow is in flight it must at any instant in time occupy a particular position in space. 458 more words


6OSME poster


Our final project was to create a poster for any event. Almost everyone wanted to create posters for some sort of music festival.
I chose.. 398 more words


The distribution of Hecke eigenvalues, part II

Here are some numbers from KB promised in my last post.

“For the first 61595 newforms of squarefree level coprime to 15 here’s
the field extension of Z/3Z generated by the field extensions:” 239 more words


In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman

In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman: Mathematics at the Limits of Computation

This is a strange little book – and while I am happy to recommend it, I am not really clear in my own mind what sort of a book it is meant to be. 83 more words

Week 1 Number Sense (Strategies, Number Talks, Writing)

5OA.1 Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and evaluate expressions with these symbols.

 Essential Questions

Why is it important to follow an order of operations? 72 more words


Tool for turning markup into Swift playgrounds

I’ve just posted a tool on github for turning marked up text files into Swift playgrounds. The screenshot below shows a playground produce by running the command… 92 more words


Journey #6: What evolution did to my faith in God - Examining the status of my faith mathematically using Bayes theorem

I’m skipping ahead to March, 2014, as this post relates to Journey #3: Opinions with strong priors.

Here, I was struggling with how I can know anything, and how to evaluate the impact the evidence for evolution was having on my belief in the existence of God. 2,115 more words

The Journey