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Schizophrenia and Critical Thinking--You'd Be Surprised!

Would you be surprised that having schizophrenia helps a person think critically? It can, provided that the major instabilities of the illness are effectively dealt with. 565 more words

Shameless Ruminations

Penny Cube

5.NBT.7     5.MD.5

Act 1

Watch the video:

How many pennies is that?  How much money is that?


What would be an estimate that is too high?   102 more words

Structural Social Network Analysis (Part 3)

Defining the external frontiers of the social system under study is an important methodological question in Structural Social Network Analysis.

Setting frontiers is vital technically – to reduce the complexity of the system, but also methodologically – to be able to assess the… 102 more words


Defending scientism: mathematics is a part of science

by Coel Hellier

While the term “scientism” is often a rebuke to those considered to be overstepping the proper boundaries of science, plenty of scientists will plead guilty to the charge so long as they get a say in how the term is defined. 3,339 more words


Solutions to Data Analysis Questions

Dear 6B,

Please see below for the solutions to the data analysis questions. I will go through the important questions in greater detail next week. 9 more words


Zero: The Ineffable Power

Zero, as simple as it may sound, has been the most hated and feared ‘number’ in the history of mathematics. Moving along the timeline, it has survived numerous civilizations and various fierce rebellions. 495 more words


Book Review: Golf on the Moon by Dick Hess (✮✮✮✮✮)

Title: Golf on the Moon: Entertaining Mathematical Paradoxes and Puzzles 

Author: Dick Hess

Genre: Mathematics, children’s/young adult , non-fiction

Publisher: Dover Publications

Pages: 160 pages… 286 more words

Book Review