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Sanitize php mail and ip

So I’ve got php mail on a few pages (verification, resend verification, forgot password and contact).
I’ve been reading about sanitizing emails and then stumbled upon sanitizing ip addresses. 126 more words

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Matthew 1 - god is consistent and people...not so much

I have moved in to Matthew in my reading plan. Matthew 1 is the genealogy of Jesus. I like genealogy and have done extensive family tree research for the branches of my family. 157 more words

December 12, 2014

Old Testament
1 Chronicles 10

New TestamentMatthew 24:36-44

My Scripture: Matthew 24:36-44

Summarize – No one knows when the Son of Man will return to reconcile the world. 303 more words

New Testament

Joseph's Response

So often when we think of Christmas, all of the focus is upon Jesus and rightly so. Next in line is Mary, but very few take much notice of Joseph. 1,042 more words

Bible Study

Define a function that takes an array as an argument and return a new array modified according to the instructions passed in as a block in ruby

I’m having trouble storing the return value from each block invocation in a new array.


describe "new_map" do
  it "should not call map or map!" do
    a = 
    a.stub(:map) { '' }
    a.stub(:map!) { '' }

    expect( new_map(a) { |i| i + 1 } ).to eq()

  it "should map any object" do
    a = 
    expect( new_map(a) { |i| i.class } ).to eq()
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Letter From New York December 9, 2014 Not unlike the folks at Downton Abbey

I am on the train, plowing south, toward the city. Outside there is an ice storm, making streets treacherous. Deciding caution was the better part of valor, I called a taxi to take me to the station. 690 more words