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Fixing values in our society

It was another beautiful day in the park were Mathias, the wise tree lived. Flowers were blooming there; the wind was flowing in harmonious movement caressing the faces of the by passers. 1,100 more words



Disclaimer: Castlevania belongs to Konami, not me. I am making £0.00 out of this fic, it is written purely because I have a burning need to create. 214 more words

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Are the Golden age AND/OR Paradise “better” than now?

To change our consciousness means to change our perception, our vision through a different set of values that is through appreciation and enjoyment of the moment, that is where happiness resides. 537 more words


Godly Leadership

It was a sunny afternoon. The atmosphere felt pretty heavy due to the general human vibration of a continuous “diet” of worries, anxieties and stresses of the “modern” life. 688 more words


Small claims judgment based entirely on hearsay did not violate due process

In a small claim collections case, plaintiff succeeded at trial even though it only submitted an unsworn letter from the creditor dentist. The defendant argued that this violated due process since he was not able to cross-examine the doctor. 47 more words


BREAKING NEWS: Mjolmr, Eternal Lord of Ice & Chaos, Convicted And Expelled for Mathias Destruction

COLORADO SPRINGS – Following a series of destructive acts in Mathias Hall, including a broken window and several flipped-over pieces of furniture, Colorado College Campus Safety confirmed this morning that Mjolmr, the Eternal Lord of Ice & Chaos, was arrested for the string of crimes and expelled from Colorado College, forced to go back to the Catacombs of Frosty Shadows from whence he came. 178 more words

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My First Tandem Jump

The beginning of my journey in becoming a Pro skydiver.

Join me in this blog as i post videos, pictures and articles of my skydiving course and experience.

Wish me luck