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Say What You Want: A Conversation with Mathias

In most interviews, I ask folks about their musical histories, but Mathias is in a class of his own. After name checking many of our city’s musical greats, he proceeded to give me a history lesson about DC’s storied raves. 2,163 more words


To be born again

Ananda was sharing with Mathias, the wise tree; about the experience of his father, who is in the hospital about to depart to a new experience; which is known as death or life, depending on our perspective. 454 more words


The fight will continue until it is over

Raysha and Ananda‚Äôs father, keeps “fighting for his life” at the hospital.
He is hooked up to feeding tubes and a respirator, which provides 75% of his breathing.
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json obj with array

How can i loop the contacts inside my json object using javascript?

"success": 1,
"contacts": [
        "cName": "Mathias Robinson",
        "cmail": "mr@actura.dk",
        "ctlf": "61287537"
        "cName": "Lene Maage",
        "cmail": "lene@actura.dk",
        "ctlf": "1337"
"fName": "Actura",
"fAdr": "langdyssen 5, 8200 Aarhus N",
"date": "14-9-2019"
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Form validate with jquery then send by ajax to php

I have a little problem, I have bootstrap form with bootstrap validator plugin and also ajax post script. My problem is, that I don’t know how to set a conditions, which I have to reach to enable submit button. 750 more words

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Access List content's properties

Is there a way to access the properties of a class, that i am adding to a List collection?
In the following code, say I’m instantiating an object of RestaurentList, can I access the properties of Restaurent, that’s been added to the RestaurentList? 80 more words

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