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json obj with array

How can i loop the contacts inside my json object using javascript?

"success": 1,
"contacts": [
        "cName": "Mathias Robinson",
        "cmail": "mr@actura.dk",
        "ctlf": "61287537"
        "cName": "Lene Maage",
        "cmail": "lene@actura.dk",
        "ctlf": "1337"
"fName": "Actura",
"fAdr": "langdyssen 5, 8200 Aarhus N",
"date": "14-9-2019"
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Form validate with jquery then send by ajax to php

I have a little problem, I have bootstrap form with bootstrap validator plugin and also ajax post script. My problem is, that I don’t know how to set a conditions, which I have to reach to enable submit button. 750 more words


Access List content's properties

Is there a way to access the properties of a class, that i am adding to a List collection?
In the following code, say I’m instantiating an object of RestaurentList, can I access the properties of Restaurent, that’s been added to the RestaurentList? 80 more words


WPF: File not found

I am using this class to return the content of a Json file, but i am having trouble finding the json file. I might be missing something very obvious, but I am currently clueless as to what it may be. 105 more words


DrMI Mathias Backstory Monologue

Writing Challenge 2014, Days 1 & 2. This snippet: 2591 . Total word count: 2591. Total Goal: 1667/2222.

I was born in the mid-fourteenth century. The world has a word for people like me now: albino. 2,601 more words


Projektstyring, del 2

A > B

Gruppemøde – aflevering – vejledermøde – gruppemøde – aflevering – vejledermøde – gruppemøde – aflevering – vejledermøde – gruppearbejde – aflevering

Projektstyring, del 1

Det er relevant med projektstyring, fordi det giver overblik over, hvornår de forskellige delelementer skal laves. Altså er planlægning et nøgleord. God planlægning skaber tid til fritidsarbejde og andre aktiviteter. 24 more words