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In Defense of Matplotlib

I’ve been doing some reading, and I’ve discovered that a lot of people don’t like matplotlib. Specifically, it seems that the default settings are a big turn off, and I agree. 297 more words



Matplotlib is a plotting library for Python which gives you wide variety of plotting methods.You can zoom images, save it etc using Matplotlib.
First of all to use… 86 more words


Publication-ready 3D figures from Matplotlib

I’m a big fan of scripting my plot creation. I also use python for all of my data acquisition and analysis. This naturally put me in a spot to dive into matplotlib when it came time to create figures for a paper I’m working on. 807 more words


Inline plots in ipython under Ubuntu (14.04)

This may be my shortest blog post ever, but I’ve been wondering (even with Google’s help) for years why I cannot get my matplotlib graphics to display inline in ipython. 107 more words


Matplotlib Embedded with Tkinter.

I have already done this with wx and with pyqt and we know tkinter does not suck, so here’s simple demo of using matplotlib with Tkinter. 216 more words


Colors in Matplotlib

Named colors can be specified by using a single character enclosed in quotes. For example, line_color = "r".

The named colors are:

b: blue
g: green
r: red
c: cyan
m: magenta
y: yellow
k: black
w: white
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