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Dynamically Creating Plots for Django Using Matplotlib

I will make this short and sweet. Django 1.5. Matplotlib 1.3. I wanted to generate some plots and send then to the client as an HTTP response. 70 more words


Plotting split times or pace with matplotlib

For one reason or other I fancied plotting some lap/split times first in excel and then in python. It seems this is slightly unusual, in that most people only plot time series with time on the x-axis. 348 more words

Automated readings of an RFID tag in a metal trolley

For a college project, I’m working on an automated product identification system for trolleys used in shops. As you can see from the above picture, this would involve mounting an antenna (attached to an RFID reader) on a trolley. 1,394 more words

3rd Year Final Project

Automating measurements from an RFID reader using Python

In the last blog about communicating with the Intelleflex FMR-6000 RFID reader over a TCP/IP connection, I had a Python script sending a string and then printing the reader’s response. 1,010 more words

3rd Year Final Project

Labelled lines - prettier charts in matplotlib

The default legend for matplotlib line charts can leave a little to be desired. With many colours it can also sometimes be a little tricky to match the legend to the appropriate line. 304 more words