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NYC Citi Bike: Commuters vs. Tourists

Citi Bike has had immense success in building a large base of New York City riders in a very short time. However, while Alta Bicycle Share (the company that owns the company that operates Citi Bike) was surprised by their success in attracting annual subscribers, they had anticipated more revenue from daily and weekly riders. 1,294 more words

Citi Bike

Plots in matplotlib pylab

When trying to explain something to someone it is usually much better to actually present it in a graphical form. For this, I’m usually using Python and its module… 384 more words


Point size legends in matplotlib and basemap plots

Python’s matplotlib and basemap can do a lot. I think I still prefer R’s ggplot, but I much prefer manipulating data in Python and sometimes it’s more natural to do the analysis in the same language. 308 more words

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In Defense of Matplotlib

I’ve been doing some reading, and I’ve discovered that a lot of people don’t like matplotlib. Specifically, it seems that the default settings are a big turn off, and I agree. 297 more words