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AA Jet Makes Quick Stop After Cabin-Pressure Issue

DALLAS (AP) – An American Airlines plane heading from Mexico to Dallas-Fort Worth has made an emergency stop in Abilene after developing a cabin pressure problem. 79 more words


That US Airways Employee Won't Be Fired for 'Honest Mistake'

The US Airways employee who accidentally tweeted a lewd picture from the company’s Twitter account will not be fired, according to US Airways spokesperson Matt Miller. 349 more words

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Louises and Johntlemen, do we have a blog post for you this evening . . .

Yes. Yes we do.

Hello my lovlies, and apologies for absence – I have spent the last week in a house on the West Coast of Scotland. 325 more words

Bbc Radio 3

This title is nowhere near as exciting as Louise's

This is what I love about writing and writers: contrast.

From the afternoon we shared gawking at celebs and stuffing our faces with overpriced breadstuff, I could tell Louise was a bright, bold and bolshie writer*. 365 more words

Bbc Radio 3

5 Proofs That Americans Hate Good Food

Alright, so the title of this article is a bit inflammatory, I know. And I suppose this is something of a rant, but I felt my food anger boiling up in me, and I had to release it in the form of literary steam. 1,919 more words

Food Ergo Love Needs Your Donation!

Dear Readers,

NPR hates it. Your church hates it. Food Ergo Love hates it. When it comes around to that time of year when organizations that depend on public support have to conduct fundraisers, it is awkward, embarrassing, annoying, and frustrating. 108 more words

Are You Broken?

Are you broken? I’ve grown up in the church and when I would hear a fire and brimstone sermon, I can remember feeling kind of insulted. 672 more words

My Take On The Sermon