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The Silent Stars Go By and Biblical Literalism.

Contains some spoilers for the book: The Silent Stars Go By Dan Abnett

Rory, Amy, and the Doctor find themselves on an earth-like planet. Of course the Doctor had originally promised to take Amy and Rory back to Leadworth for Christmas, but as we all know, the TARDIS rarely takes the Doctor and his companions where they want to go, but instead takes them where they are needed. 1,372 more words

What would happen if Sherlock met the Doctor? Wholock the musical, that's what

Remember the folks who gave us the jaunty Sherlock The Musical (which gave Holmes and Watson a touch of Broadway magic)? Well they’re at it again – and this time they’ve got Doctor Who in their sights. 148 more words


Amy's Choice

Five years have passed since Amy and Rory travelled with the Doctor, and now they’ve settled down in the sleepy village of Leadworth. Amy is heavily pregnant, Rory has a ridiculous mullet, and life is good for them. 528 more words

Doctor Who


This little tribute goes out to all Matt Smith fans out there, a quick flashback to his new coat that replaced the beloved tweed.

Doctor Who

Doctor ... who?

Howdy, neighbourinos.

It’s been a while, and so much has happened – namely, a total fascination/obsession/passion for Doctor Who.

Around November last year, I decided that since I am so consumed by the concept of time travel, maybe a much-celebrated show about time travel is something I should watch.* 817 more words

C is for Current State of Doctor Who

Please do bear with me, I’m experimenting with lost and forgotten leftover ideas from my slightly more official though still entirely unpaid writerly activities (get me, I’m an intern). 292 more words