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Doctor Who Horoscopes

I got ‘A Girl’. Well, at least it’s accurate. Wish I was teh crack though. So shine. Much spook. Many Gallifrey.


Doctor Who Season 8

The tardis will soon be setting down along with a new Doctor when season 8 of “Doctor Who” debuts this coming Saturday. 248 more words


Doctor Who - will the new season see the end of the fandom of Doctor Who?

I remember how everyone (including myself) was shocked to find out that David Tennant, the great David Tennant, would be replaced by Matt Smith. Calls of “he’s too young!” and “just out of preschool” rang through the internet forums. 427 more words

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The modern guide to gig etiquette

We’ve all had it, going to a gig early to get a prime spot and as soon as the band start, some prat in front of you sticks their phone up in the air. 564 more words


Nerds, nerdists, be advised: Doctor Who is back to scratch your itch (with video)

Doctor Who

Aug. 23, Space

Deft, occasionally dazzling, light of heart and lively in spirit, Doctor Who continues to be one of the small screen’s strangest anomalies. 645 more words


The Final Countdown Until The Doctor's Return

With four days left until the series 8 premiere of Doctor Who—the “Final Countdown” by Europe plays in the background—fans are gearing up with constant reruns to calm the anticipation of the “oncoming storm”. 610 more words

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Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey...

Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey is Geek Brevity’s semi-regular discussion of all things Doctor Who, which like the TARDIS careens all over the Whoniverse in topic and frequency… 396 more words