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MATT STEVENS - Lucid (2014) Dazzling displays of avant guitar

Despite being a guitarist myself (and the word on my streets is I’m not actually half bad at it), I’m not the sort who would normally listen to or review an album comprised of rock guitar instrumentals — or at least one on which the guitar is the primary focus. 699 more words

An Evening With Tim Bowness and Henry Fool, The Borderline, Friday 11th July 2014

I arrived to see the imposing figure of Matt Stevens already on stage and in full flow.  Looking somewhat like Hagrid’s younger brother, Matt is also something of a wizard, but with guitars and effects pedals rather than mythical beasts. 405 more words

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he’ll eat your heart right out, you big world.

more like he gets his heart eaten out by the world.

Here’s The Common Alligator. Matt Stevens, the actor who plays him is really a tremendous guy. 407 more words

An Edwardian Trip through Hades: CAPACITOR by COSMOGRAF

Cosmograf’s CAPACITOR is everything a rock album should be.  And, I do mean EVERYTHING.  EVERY.  SINGLE. THING.  It is wholesome, fractured, creepy, uplifting, contemplative, mythic, existentialist, moving, intense, wired, dramatic, contemplative, Stoic, mystifying, weird, satisfying, honed, nuanced, dark, and light. 941 more words

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