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I’m a Christian and I think ‘Noah’ deserves a four star review -a Matt Walsh Review

The following is a brilliant review of the blockbuster film NOAH, written by Matt Walsh and posted on his blog (The Matt Walsh Blog… 314 more words


Dear Matt Walsh

Ok, so as with all things- hindsight is crystal clear… I found a few errors in my email and also wished I could have re-phrased parts of it. 1,056 more words

Stop Whining that Feminists Don't Care about Men

After reading the Matt Walsh blog post that E discussed in our last post, I had a thought and E said that I should share it with you all: 158 more words


Identity Crisis Resolved: I am a Liberal Feminist

All was fine in Twitterville yesterday until… well until it broke down but that’s besides the point… I was labelled a liberal feminist. Now, being called a feminist is not a bad thing but the stereotypes attached to it and the extreme hatred with which the words were uttered was nothing short of f*cking ridiculous! 322 more words


If You Try To Tell Me That God Is Dead, I Might Reflexively Slap You…No Harm Intended

Running on the treadmill the other day, I happened to see a television advertisement for the new movie, Son of God. As soon as I saw it, I dreaded going to the theatre to see it. 985 more words

Solutions For Freedom

If You Have Been Raped and Aborted, You May Excuse Yourself, Not An Excuse, But Excused

“This discussion on abortion is tricky for me, because I start thinking “what if” on issues like rape and birth defects. It’s even easier for me on the rape issue, because if the rape victim chooses she can adopt the child out, because what we are talking about is of a psychological nature with thoughts like “How can I carry the baby of a murderer of the human spirit, my human spirit?” “Why would I want to look at a child that looks like the man that raped me?” I can imagine that, but these are thoughts produced through emotional pain and psychological distortion due to severe trauma. 95 more words


5 Reasons I Revel In Being Homeless

At this moment, it is 11 a.m. my time. I checked in an hour ago. It is a blizzard outside in the land mass of Southern Maryland. 1,456 more words

Solutions For Freedom