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return dollar amount regex javascript

I have this extracted string and im trying to return the dollar amount.

var str = "5 Iphones in stock at $299 on 11/26";
var strNew = str.match(/^\$?+/g);
strIwant = "$299"
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I should leave, now


I’ve been sheltered from the real world

For far too long

Unable to learn how to interact and be a normal human

I’ve always joked my family is from Mars… 171 more words

Converting html5 video - what software to use

we’re planning to use a fullscreen html5 video on a website. I’ve read that MPEG-4/H.264 might be the best format at the moment.

I have the video file available as 1080p mp4 … it’s 41.2mb in size. 64 more words

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Custom Checkbox Not Working in Chrome on Windows

I have a custom checkbox built with only CSS and images — no Javascript. It’s been working for months on many browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE on Windows and Safari, Chrome, Firefox on Mac. 149 more words

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Why are my params not showing up in the url?

Why are my action and params not showing up in my url? I am using the zend 2 framework. I have a search action and a results action. 146 more words

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My appium's second test keeps getting a java null point exception

I am trying to create a framework to test cross-platform mobile web apps (non native). Here is how my code is setup:

Test Class:

 public class TestSuite extends MobileLibrary{

    public static void setUpTests() throws Exception {


    public static void cleanUpTests() throws Exception {

    public void validateSignIn() throws Exception

        String username = "testtest";
        String password = "testtest";

    public void randomTests() throws Exception


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