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Essex to Ipanema

This weekend we made a trip out to the Essex coast to suss out a few locations for the forthcoming Ipanema File, and here is the first test of matte painting to transform our location into something a little more tropical…

Matte Painting Reference by Necron_99

To all matte painters out there, Necron_99 puts up high resolution photos that are free to use in your matte painting projects!


Matte Painting/Composite


I tried to brush up on my matte painting/compositing. I just googled some simple landscape images and tried to blend them as one. I also wanted/needed to work on my colour correction because the images used are not at the same time of day. 37 more words

My Work

Stylizing the look...

Have you noticed that the “look” of big budget animated movies has become¬† homogenized?¬† However beautiful those globally illuminated, sub-surface scattered, realistically simulated CG worlds have become, there is a common look to them…. 436 more words


On Track

My first “realistic” Matte Painting (imaginary landscape), but I was using only photos taken in my town :)

Week 3 : ON TRACK

VFX Waterfall Compositing

My Waterfall VFX scene is finished check it out here

Softward used: Nuke, Photoshop and Maya.
Skills Used: Matte Painting, Compositing, Projection Mapping, Particles Creation, 3d modeling, rotoscoping, video stablising, 3d camera tracking, lighting, grading,


Projection Mapping

For the background we are projecting a still from the r3d footage onto our environment so I have been busy matte painting and testing projections. 53 more words