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Lessons from T.I. "No Matter What"

Good morning guys…

I just got to work, getting ready for another busy day. I think I’m gonna get off and just sleep lol. I’m tired. 147 more words

Schelling and Nietzsche Respond to Kant: Part Three

Schelling and Nietzsche both made excellent criticisms of Kant. Schelling who wrote that to philosophise, one cannot neglect the issue of matter,1 that matter is the foundation of all experience2 also wrote… 543 more words


Inquiry Curriculum for Grades 3-5: Matter

Inquiry Project related to the study of Matter in Grades 3-5. The website contains lessons, assessments, checklists, and concept cartoons for student discussions.


PS1.A: Structure & Properties Of Matter

"It Doesn’t Matter To Me" - Kanye Opens Up on JayZ missing His Wedding

In Kanye West‘s latest interview with GQ magazine, the rapper spoke about friend and colleague Jay-Z missing his wedding.

When asked about he felt on Hov and wife  276 more words

Lenin: Is Motion Without Matter Conceivable? - Part Three

Matter has disappeared, they tell us, wishing from this to draw epistemological conclusions. But has thought remained? – we ask. If not, if with the disappearance of matter thought has also disappeared, if with the disappearance of the brain and nervous system ideas and sensations, too, have disappeared – then it follows that everything has disappeared, and your argument as a sample of “thought” (or lack of thought) has disappeared. 441 more words


Summer at the Gallery


opening reception, Wednesday, July 9th. 

Even Paco, the gallery dog loves the openings!!

ARTIST SERIES, Amy Stacey Curtis, MATTER, Artist Talk… 48 more words

Beyond Energy, Matter, Time and Space

Though he probably didn’t intend anything so jarring, Nicolaus Copernicus, in a 16th-century treatise, gave rise to the idea that human beings do not occupy a special place in the heavens. 73 more words

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