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Rant about Human Nature

We humans are so selfish, thinking the world revolves around us. Guess what? It doesn’t. You, me, the girl in the corner crying, the man who just won the lottery, the couple that just got married, the wife whose husband died of cancer, or the baby newly born into the world. 182 more words


The Psychology of Matter, The Consciousness of Cells

By Noel Parent

As science now knows, all of Matter is essentially vibrations.  Vibrating energy.  We can also say that all of life, not simply Matter, is vibrations.  1,645 more words


Quote: Division and the Cell

“The division between materialists and spiritualists is not situated at the summit of human conscious thought, but in the cell. It is not a metaphysical division, it is a physical one.
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Lenin: the recent revolution in natural science, and philosophical idealism - part twelve

The Essence and Significance of “Physical” Idealism

The reactionary attempts are engendered by the very progress of science. The great successes achieved by natural science, the approach to elements of matter so homogeneous and simple that their laws of motion can be treated mathematically, caused the mathematicians to overlook matter. 382 more words


Thoughts are important.

Do not knot your tongue. Do not silence yourself. Do not seal your lips with glue you bought from the dollar store. Not even the super glue that costs $5 a piece. 243 more words

I have something for you all, Stay tuned.

~By Nicole Thomas~

On My Journey I no longer feel Alone.
On My Journey, within Myself I have arrived home.

Tender smiles,
Infinite Love and universal power to all my Lovlies.


Positive Thinking