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Not as important as how you finish

When it comes to how you start almost anything:

Start fast.
Start slow.
Make a lot of money first time around.
Lose every penny on the first go-around. 69 more words

On the Importance of Induction for Knowledge

Ignaz Semmelweis worked as a doctor at the Vienna General Hospital between 1844 and 1848. He observed that a large proportion of the women in the First Maternity Division who were delivered of their babies contracted a serious and often fatal illness known as puerperal or childbed fever. 1,027 more words


A simple sense of care and compassion in you for others tells enough about you, Whether you are a matter of respect or only a matter of test for others


Dialectics at Work

From Tony Stephens ‘Conquerors today, vanquished tomorrow’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 05-06.01.02

The American empire of today may be, at least in part, an empire of the mind. 909 more words


You have a voice -so use it!


Congruency - n.  The quality or state of agreeing, corresponding or being congruent.

Its when your internal beliefs and values match your actions.  Its saying YES and following through on that promise, whether it be a promise you made to someone else or a promise you made yourself .   431 more words

What's the Matter? Molecules, Atoms, and Elements

I started this week having no idea what to study.  We are closing in on the final piece of the semester, and I figured we would just focus on some key concepts that I wanted to cement before the end of the year: random language arts concepts (alliteration, anyone?), similes, more time on capitalization and punctuation…Matt has been pushing ahead with some more complicated math concepts (2 and 3 digit addition), etc. 723 more words

The human condition is invalid - as any part is away from its whole

The human condition is invalid – as any part is away from its whole.

Though we are a projected part, we are isolated from our whole, as we identify with what we experience. 2,177 more words