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Friday, 10/24/14

Learning Objective:

  •  To describe the properties of matter

Learning Activities:

  1. Science Friday- In a Flash- Firefly Communication
  2. Do Now- Update Table of Contents and Set up Demonstration Investigation Questions on ISN p.36 & Changes in Matter Practice on ISN p.37…
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Science Friday

Lenin: the Theory of Knowledge of Dialectical Materialism - Part Fourteen

Why I have such a high regard for Marx, Engels and Lenin

What is Matter? What is Experience? (continued)

One expression of the genius of Marx and Engels was that they despised pedantic playing with new words, erudite terms, and subtle “isms”, and said simply and plainly: there is a materialist line and an idealist line in philosophy, and between them there are various shades of agnosticism. 60 more words


Clear-That Fear (89)

Doesn’t matter from where it came-

You want true relief, from panic and anxiety, all the same.



Why do you care?!

How do I put this? How can I say it without sounding rude? Ummm…..I don’t care! I don’t care if you don’t believe any of it, I don’t care if you think I’m a freak! 418 more words

Study guides with a side of Pictionary

You spent the last two classes and nights working on your study guide in preparation for next week’s test. The answer key was in Google Drive for you to check your work. 225 more words

Papa Roach - No Matter What - music video (@paparoach)

Check out the new single from the band’s latest album, Time For Annihilation! http://www.facebook.com/paparoach http://www.twitter.com/paparoach http://www.p…
by State Library of New South Wales collection

Does size matter? Connect with the right people, not the greatest number, to advance your career

Does size matter? Connect with the right people, not the greatest number, to advance your career

Updated: 18 Aug 2014

If you are about to enter the jobs market, make sure that your online network adds credibility to your profile rather than damaging your reputation, says recruiting experts Hays. 290 more words