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In search of lost time

Alaska are (known to be one the best) post-hardcore/metal-core band from Paris France. When I found this band and started researching them I discovered that apparently Paris has one of the best metal music scenes within the music industry. 190 more words

All There Is

Love is
Love is


The irony of a post I saw on Facebook Today

So I’ve tried to keep this blog themed and well . . .  if you look at the date of my last post you see how successful that has been.   1,740 more words


Design Matters In Cape Town by Decoration Themes

Open Design is hosting an event revealing how style can adjust lives on the 13th to the 23rd of August. They are removing the stigma that style has to be an elitist endeavor. 37 more words

... And Things that Don't

If you read my last blog post on Things That Matter, you might be wanting to quit your job, travel the world, and take a nap in an open field beneath the bright, warm sun right about now. 759 more words

Daily Living


I will have my own brand of insignificance.


to prepare for this character, I meant to gather household items I thought would together be helpful in making the sound of a strange woman saddled with an abundance of me time spanking the daughter of her distant but as yet unrevealed relative in a toy store but instead I was overcome by a pain much like the pain a man compares to childbirth and as such I slowed myself long enough to fashion from three sons a triangle with which I woke my wife. 32 more words

Age Matters: Why You Should Replace Your Pre-2004 Los Angeles Carpet

“In 2004, PBDE was phased out and banned in both the U.S. and European Union. The United Nations followed suit in 2009, including it in the list of banned persistent organic pollutants. 137 more words