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I really shouldn’t be writing, I’m too tired, quick to anger, quick to snap.  But I can’t let the day close without comment.

Canada, my chosen home, hurts tonight.   303 more words

What I Care About

Happy Persons Day!

Saturday is the 85th Anniversary of Persons Day!

Persons Day is celebrated on October 18, 2014. Persons Day is an annual celebration in Canada. The day commemorates the case of Edwards v.

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Who Am I

568.2 - Useless Worries and What Really Matters in America - YouTube

We are slammed with so much news during the day that it is hard, at times, to see what really matters. From ebola, the southern border, ISIS, and other issue…

Cars and Credit | Your Credit Matters

Are you looking to be approved for a new car loan? Do you wish you could reduce your interest rate? Learn more about the dynamics between cars and credit score.

Media that Matters: Four Women One Revolution

After watching Four Women One Revolution, I have realized how fortunate as a college student living in America I am, but also, I have learned to think about what I view as “important” in our world. 197 more words

Digital Media

Blog Challenge #13: Favorite Quote

I have several favorite quotes and its much too hard to choose my absolute most favorite. I have favorites from books, movies, conversations that I’ve had with some very wise friends, some from complete strangers and as narcissistic as it sounds, there are even some that I’ve written myself. 336 more words

Carpet and Rugs Repair in Laconia NH

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