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Stick to the Plan - HIS

We do not generally spend a lot of time talking about Judas, because he committed an unfathomable act of treachery. However, if we can step back for a second look, we may find a character who makes us squirm because he is just a bit too familiar. 689 more words


Thoughts about Hell

Recently, one of my professors began class with an extended paraphrase, or “update” of Matthew 25: 31-46.  I do not remember the exact words he used, but the basic jist was this: “For I was thirsty and you contaminated my water with toxic waste, I was hungry and you provided unhealthy fast food and low wages to buy it, I was an unregistered immigrant and you deported me (and built a wall to keep me out), I was naked and you provided cheep clothing through overseas manufacturing, I was sick and you hooked me on pain medication, I was in prison and you threw away the key.”  He continued beyond that. 520 more words