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National Lampoon Presents: Surf Party (2013)

I feel like I’m in some sort of Emperor’s New Clothes situation with this movie, where it screams comedy from the cover and promotional material, but it’s just not funny at all. 853 more words


Trailer Alert - Match

Plot – As a Juilliard professor is interviewed by a woman and her husband for her dissertation on the history of dance in 1960’s New York, it becomes increasingly clear that there are ulterior motives to the couple’s visit. 46 more words



Scooby-Doo (2002)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Family Film, Children

First off I have to note that the graphics are bad in this film now compared to great CGI films of our decade and some of the acting gets a little too false. 131 more words


Hackers: Dead Kennedys

Cereal (Matthew Lillard) wears a “Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death” Dead Kennedys t-shirt in the 1995 movie Hackers. You can buy the shirt on Amazon.

Bands/Solo Artists

Without A Paddle: Good Times

Jerry Conlaine (Matthew Lillard) wears a Good Times t-shirt in the 2004 movie Without A Paddle.



Scream (1996) (111 mins)

Director – Wes Craven

Starring – Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, Matthew Lillard

Premise – A masked killer begins to murder teenagers leaving the characters contemplating the real-life horror film they are experiencing. 989 more words

johnlink re-ranks SCREAM (1996)

I thought I was pretty much done with horror movies for awhile, lest this site became another horror-focused thing. I’m sure I’ll get back to normal soon enough, but we decided to watch SCREAM last night, probably because it felt like a good follow up to all those NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET FILMS. 589 more words

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