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Vox's Detachment from Reality

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry shows that “voxsplaining” is nothing more than taking a collection of talking points from the port side of the partisan divide and pretending that they explain complex policy issues, and further points out that those talking points are compiled in a manner that is at best misinformed, and at worst, utterly disingenuous. 108 more words

Examples of blind allegiance to tribal truths, keeping us weak & ignorant

Summary: Truth has become a tribal thing in America. Scores of posts have documented this on the Right and Left. Today we have two fun examples by the Left, with sublime but blind confidence in their tribe’s truths. 1,122 more words


It's three times cheaper to give housing to the homeless than to keep them on the streets in the U.S.

By Matthew Yglesias published by Vox:

A new study is out providing support to one of my favorite ideas in public policy — that the best way to deal with the challenge of homelessness is to give homeless people homes to live in. 48 more words

It's about the data, stupid!

I’ve been a big fan of Thomas Piketty and his book Capital in the 21st Century long before I knew about Thomas Piketty or his book. 556 more words

Data Activisim