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Sisters on screen: wedded bliss Wednesday

Wedded bliss Wednesday. Sisters on screen, the mature edition: Actress CCH Pounder, 61, with her husband Boubacar Kone; and actress/choreographer Debbie Allen, 64, with her husband Norm Nixon. 15 more words


Lets see what we got here.

So, what is maturity? Who determines what is maturity? How do we know when we have “attained” it?

Maturity, in the society, is a state of mind or mindset that one has when he or she has grown to a certain age. 185 more words

Review: Push by Claire Wallis

I think this is one of those few reads I don’t need too much time to meditate on what I thought about it in the end, and this will end up being a short-ish review because honestly: I’m tired of this. 1,542 more words


Confusing Teenage Years

This isn’t exactly the easiest thing to write. I’ve been through quite a bit the last several years of my life. Actually, I’ve been through a lot for more than just the last several years. 661 more words

Deeper Thoughts

L. K. Pinder quote / poem

Across the street
Was my sanity
Yet I stood there
Waiting for a sign
Once I took a step
Off of the side walk…

35 more words

Blessed bishops: married men Monday

Married men Monday! Blessed brothers, the mature edition: The Archbishop of York John Sentamu, 65, with his wife Margaret Sentamu; and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 82, with his wife Nomalizo Leah Shenxane. 15 more words

Reasons To Be Cheerful #68: Being a Mature Student

Many people would likely balk at the suggestion of going back to uni five years after graduating. You can’t really do halls when you’re 27 and nights like ‘Fun Factory’ and ‘Rubber Duck’ just don’t seem to have the shiny allure that they once did. 499 more words