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My Favorite Hobby (risque fun)

Life is no fun without a favorite hobby; something you enjoy doing for hourrrrrs on end. Mmm. Hey! Everyone has to have a hobby ;)

Just For Fun

Continuance Part 2

Finally breathing normally, I hopped off of the table and headed towards the kitchen to get some towels.

“Where the fuck are you going?” Jace grabbed my arm and pulled me towards his chair. 625 more words

Short Story

Cupcakes the musical

Tags:Romance Tragedy Dark Comedy Crossover Alternate Universe

Set in an alternate version of the Ponyville we’re familiar with, Cupcakes: The Musical blends elements of our favorite horror story with the musical fun of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. 106 more words


Accidents Happen Bump Bump Sugarlump Dump

Tags:Comedy Random

Accidents happen. Sometimes, they happen at the worst possible time, in the worst possible place.

Silver Spoon has an accident in front of her entire class. 16 more words


Children of the Night

Tags: Tragedy Sad Dark Adventure

The Changelings have made it to Equestria and Queen Chrysalis herself is leading the charge. In the aftermath of the attack the two royal ponysister and some of their guards have escaped into the Everfree forest. 54 more words


Daring Wakeup

Tags: Romance

After a crazy night of drinking my brains out, I awaken with the worst hangover known to ponykind, next to one of the hottest mares as well. 42 more words


Twilight Sparkle and The Tentacles of a Thousand Suns

Tags: Random

Pinkie Pie invites Twilight to Ponyville’s annual party and things get crazy when Celestia decides to visit too!

Just something I wrote when my mind was too tired to focus on writing anything real. 54 more words