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Her Reclusive Passion - Part 4

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What she had done had been the first for her, having never taken any initiative in making love to a man. She had always waited for him to make the first move. 1,871 more words

Erotic Fiction

Meet Donna *Featured on Naughty America*

We bring you one new Milf cutie today.

We had an amazing time past few days, and wanted to get relaxed a bit, and after some days amazing Milf we know from before showed up, and after some chitchat, and some quality gossip and talking, few drinks and a fun time, we arranged a set shot. 422 more words

Envy (mature)

Despite having grown up in a small village, Parvati was well attuned to matters of her own body. People liked to call her innocent, implying that she wasn’t aware of herself sexually, but that was far from the truth. 1,961 more words


Dead line

Суровых рабочих моментов пост.
Только CD! Никаких DVD!

Learning to Work Part Time

If you have crossed the bridge to part time work I would love your tips on how you did that.

I have been working part time for a month now and I am finding it difficult. 243 more words

Survival Tricks

Her Reclusive Passion - Part 3

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Her lips and tongue continued to taste him, leaving a wet trail from the hollow of his ear to along his jaw. 1,106 more words

Erotic Fiction