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Back from hiatus, decided on a minor!

Hey again readers, things were beyond confusing in my life and I needed time to sort things out. I’ve done a great deal of reflecting, changing myself (well, still in progress), and making some decisions. 106 more words

It's just a number!

When the hell did everybody get so old?

Okay, obviously not everybody is old.  But it seems that all my friends are, the people I went to school with, and even most of my peers at work.  1,154 more words

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Dream readers (Polygamy Blog Edition) in Korean

This is a Korean translation of my original post.

친애하는 꿈의 리더,

나는 당신의 가슴 발기와 오르가즘의 포인트로 음부를 문질러하는 동안 내 일부 다처제 블로그를 읽고 상상; 나는 중국 여자, 일본 여성과 남편 (가정의 남성 머리) 나를 공유하고자하는 한국 여성으로 당신을 상상한다. 118 more words


Dream readers (Polygamy Blog Edition) in Japanese

This is a Japanese translation of my original post.





敬具, arabpikachu4wp

Shin’ainaru yume rīdā,

watashi wa anata no oppai wa, hādo shutoku shi, anata ga ōgazumu no pointo ni anata no chitsu o kosurinagara, anata ga watashi no ipputasai no burogu o yonde sōzō suru. 152 more words


Dream readers (Polygamy Blog Edition) in Chinese

This is a Chinese translation of my original post.






Qīn’ài de dúzhě de mèngxiǎng,

wǒ xiǎng nǐ dú wǒ de bókè yīfū duōqī zhì, ér nǐ de rǔfáng ràng xīnkǔ, nǐ cā nǐ de yīndào gāocháo diǎn; wǒ xiǎng nǐ zuòwéi zhōngguó nǚxìng, rìběn nǚxìng hé hánguó nǚxìng xiǎng yào fēnxiǎng wǒ zuòwéi yīgè zhàngfū (nán hùzhǔ). 162 more words


Hotline Miami (Windows and Playstation)

Just so ya’ll know, this is probably the most graphically violent game I’ve covered ever so if oodles and oodles of gore and suggestions of sexual abuse aren’t your bag then you might want to check out one of my other posts and a different game. 1,198 more words

The Dream That's Been Haunting Me for the Last Two and a Half Years

August, 2012, camping somewhere near North Fork, Ogden River, I dreamed the following dream.

We are in a hotel, this absolutely stunning brunette and I. We know each other, but my waking memory of the dream holds no image of her face. 1,591 more words