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That XX

Scriptwriter : Liana D. S. | Fandom : Wu Yi Fan (Chinese Actor), f(x)| Main Casts : Wu Yi Fan, Song Qian (f(x) Victoria) | Support Casts: A Man | Duration : Vignette (2,3K+ words) | Genre : Romance w/ twist |Rating : Mature (for some bad things) 2,272 more words


Poseidon's Pride: Descendant Of The Sea

Title: Poseidon’s Pride: Descendant Of The Sea  

Description: Two Shot 

Warnings:  M/M Lemons, Heavy Angst, Character Death in passing mention, set right after the 5th book… 145 more words

Dark Fic

Haunted Friday: American Psycho

Welcome readers to my Haunted Friday blog with the movie American Psycho!

So for this movie, I had this on my list to watch for a while, and felt that this is the best time to do it because I know a lot about this movie and I think I can show that this movie is a horror movie even if it isn’t a monster movie, or haunted house, or slasher flick in the normal sense. 433 more words

18 Going On 23

Now you are 18. You are full of dreams and hopes and are laughing at Leo for screaming “I’m the king of the world!” at the top of his lungs while being on a boat. 883 more words


XIII - 06 - No Chance

We met when she was seventeen. I was twenty-four.

I have no idea what was wrong with me to fall after jailbait.

But she was the sister of my best friend’s girlfriend. 1,991 more words


baby talk

There is no sound quite like hearing an infant gurgle, coo & spout gibberish. The joy they get simply from making noise, chattering away as only a baby can. 832 more words

Blog Jots

the changing of pace

That moment where you can feel a transformation coming to pass. A metamorphosis beginning. One precise minute where you swear the feeling of conversion is  393 more words