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Rose Tinted Glasses

As much as I need to get things off my chest here in my itty bitty tiny corner of the interwebs, I do need to reflect that I do love my husband very much and he’s very good to me. 345 more words

What Matters: Thoughts

“Watch your thoughts-they become words. Watch your words-they become actions. Watch your actions-they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character.”

Thoughts play an important role in every part of life. 177 more words

Face Time

Our girls knew that I had broken down before they went back to school – and finally bought a smart phone! What they didn’t realize was that I hadn’t yet discovered all the various types of emoticons at my disposal. 535 more words


Because Life Is Hard . .

Some things just hurt. They go beyond our ability to reason, to comprehend and to accept. Some things we will never be able to fully understand. 410 more words


Role models are an interesting topic these days. With the world now becoming overrun with the internet and the various concepts that go with it (internet fame and going viral) we are spoiled for choice when it comes to people we can aspire to. 550 more words


I Don't Want To Get Too Old For This S***t!

Much like Natalie Imbruglia, I’m torn. Now I know what your thinking, “Oh Karl. What is it that your unsure about?” Oh, that’s not what concerns you? 887 more words


Fully Grown: How To Be An Adult

Tanya Ruckstuhl LICSW

I’ve been talking lately with clients and friends alike about Adulthood, and what makes this different from just being a grownup, which any bozo with a certain number of years on planet earth can claim. 301 more words

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