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Definisi matang



Matang ini, satu element yang penting dalam hidup. Masih ada di antara kita yang sudah dewasa tetapi, perangainya ma sya ALLAH tak menggambarkan usianya. 1,135 more words

Be a Giver without limits!

You do not need a reason to help others!

Everyone wants to be a giver, because we know that it is more blessed to give than to receive. 359 more words


I'm mature 18

I hope someone gets the pun.

Anyway, writing this post 1 week late because I was/am busy preparing for some serious exams here.

So I celebrated my birthday last friday and I had loads of fun throughout the whole day and also Saturday. 724 more words

Numbers Game

Have you considered how numbers are used to describe us? At birth numbers were assigned for my date and time of birth. Soon afterwards I was given a SSN#. 448 more words

Can We Talk?

I can’t remember where I had posted this…I know it was somewhere on social media but nonetheless, last month, exactly 4 weeks ago today, I had an encounter with this gentleman (he said he was an apostle…) at Walmart.   559 more words


Revisionist History: 2003

Welcome to Revisionist History, a weekly series in which I debate and review the music of my youth, from 1993 to 2014. This week: 2003, where age is more than a number. 2,254 more words



The word is endure is woven throughout the bible and we are told that we will have to endure certain things. This word has become more of a reality for me lately as I walk this Christian walk. 159 more words