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When do we really grow up?

My friends always say that I’m immature and I need to grow up, but I always find it difficult to understand what growing up really is? 486 more words



For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning…

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Know when you’re being a selfish, egotistical brat vs when you’re being proactive towards finding a solution to a present (& real) problem.

It’ll save you the embarrassment of a reality check (& several apologies) later.

Personal Account

Two decades: the youth to maturity

The dewlap of contamination was inexorable for you,                                   The surreptitious cloud demolished the center                                                   Of your respiration, your lungs.                                                                                 Cancer, cancer, my star sign, your demise.                                                               369 more words

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Being Young

When I was 13, I get told that I look older for my age. At 25, going 26, I get told that I look younger. Honestly, I prefer the first one. 966 more words


Peter’s Application

by Don Merritt at Life Reference - Comments

 I must admit that this is my very favorite chapter of Peter’s… awesome!  It clearly and directly tells us what the point of everything else is.   658 more words


a game to forget

There’s been something pleasantly different in the way Yovani Gallardo pitches this season. It’s only 18.2 innings, but fewer strikeouts for sure.

Gallardo is still a spitting image of Dennis “El Presidente” Martinez with hand and arms swinging a pendulum followed by a corkscrew turn towards third base and letting loose a low 90′s fastball or 12-6 curve ball; one of the best in baseball that curve; provoking some of the silliest looking swings and misses on the spiked two strike put away variety. 590 more words