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When Your Comfort is Less Important Than Someone Else's

There are certain things that I absolutely do not like to do.  Singing in front of people ranks high on the list.  Especially if it involves hand motions or dancing.   688 more words



Decades.  Big round counts of ten.  Natural for us to notice, perhaps on account of our similarly numbered fingers and toes.

I remember being so excited to turn ten.  815 more words

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Kitchen and it's occupants

Scratches on kitchen utensils shyly tell me the age of its household. A new born baby has most beautiful soft scarless skin. Newly set up kitchen tell me the new utensils feel the same. 240 more words

Lessons of Life

After our ninth move, my younger brother was well and truly settled in his study and work life. He was doing well with his studies, getting good results and saving good enough money for fees. 258 more words


My first Postaday

I’m not exactly sure how these work, but I’m gonna take a stab at it and make it into what I feel or think it should be. 572 more words


Re-constructed Irish

So I’m back in blogging with whatever thoughts I come across to… It has been half a year ever since I pulled over and stopped expressing every feeling, every thoughts, everything… 400 more words

Spiritual Smog

This message was presented at West Side Baptist Church
as part of the worship service on Sunday, June 22, 2014


The first of five messages from James… 4,616 more words