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Hello August

August is my birthday month, this year I will be celebrating 27 years of life! This year has been an emotional rollercoaster but I have handled it better than I thought I would. 308 more words

Food For Thought

The Break Up

I recently broke up with my longtime Companion. It had to happen sooner or later. The more I focused on my two goals for 2014, the more demanding this companion became. 704 more words

"Whatever It Takes"

life's greatest challenge

easily the thing i find the most difficult in my life is to behave like an adult.

say if you were walking down the street and someone try’s to get a reaction out of you by calling (yelling) you a c@nt!!!

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Moving On, Growing Up

Its surprising how I can almost perfectly pin point the moment I knew I was growing up. It s quite simply when I stayed at the same job long enough to get a permanent contract and save up money to vacate my mothers home. 700 more words


"Who Are We?" by Deion Diaz, Senior at Forest City High School

Who Are We?

By Deion Diaz
2014 High School Contest Winner in Poetry

They got me thinking it’s

the home of the brave,

But I’m sitting here feeling… 87 more words


"Fountain of Youth" by Tim Bascom

Fountain of Youth

By Tim Bascom

For my father, who remains remarkably young

To reach it, they had to hike twenty minutes along a wooded creek near the big river. 595 more words


Just leave the nest already!

It’s just been a day since my last post but I could’t resist! Personally I blame (like I already said) Carrie Bradshaw and her column from Sex and the City. 527 more words