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Little White Lies

I really do not understand why one feels the need to lie about something when the truth can be so easily found out that it happens the very next day. 866 more words



When the events of the day leave with bags full of your energy, so much so that typing a few words of daily experience appears to be a scuffle- you know you worked dense. 138 more words

Baby Gambel's Quail

Here are a couple of baby Gambel’s quail. In this picture the chicks are looking up at the bush because they are about to trim off some of the new leaves for a snack. 218 more words


PHC Students Display Unrivaled Maturity and Spiritual Prowess: Dante Alighieri's Story

HA note: The author’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity. “Dante Alighieri” is a pseudonym chosen specifically by the author.

Patrick Henry College is an interesting pressure cooker that gets quite a bit of flack for being dogmatic or overly conservative. 613 more words


Ignorance is only bliss in large doses

Not knowing what you do not know is only beneficial if you never find out your shortcomings. As soon as the veil is lifted, the illusion is shattered, the foundation is removed (pick your metaphor), every misconception that you held instantly turns around and bores into your skull. 112 more words

Ego Vs Mastery: Understanding Why You Struggle With Achieving Your Goals

I understand a lot of people are frustrated with goal setting.

It seems to be the stock in trade of motivational speakers trying to sell people on something that appeals to their vanity but not practical in reality. 1,127 more words

Personal Development

Why Bad Things Happen

Bad things happen to bad people, which no one seems to have a problem with (just desserts and all that) but also happen to good people. 371 more words