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Signs of maturity.

I spent the last four or five months of my year thinking about something. Something that I wanted to do, but couldn’t get the logistics right. 215 more words

Rantings And Ravings

Failure makes you stronger, hopefully.

Hey guys! So, as you may know, I just released my first game, and it felt pretty damn good – temporarily!

Unfortunately, I’ve had to face the harsh reality that this whole thing is not going to be as easy as I may have first thought, as it really struggled to make any sort of impact! 934 more words


I’ve got this online “friend” who condescends and belittles (accusations of ignorance in the best of cases) when I state an opinion that contradicts theirs. Sometimes even just acknowledging the potential legitimacy of any alternate outlooks. 42 more words


Its 1:40am April 20th, Easter Morning and I can’t sleep. I know I have to be in church in the morning but I am haunted by several bad decisions.
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Life Lessons

A Teenage Boy’s Rant, A Gender-Free Baby, and How Not to be a Man (The “What not to wear” of Pro- masculine movies)

I think I have broken some kind of rule for good writing by creating a title that is longer than my first sentence.  (But…wait for it.  856 more words

in this migration

not for the herd, I
sit at the back of rooms
gaze through windows
during lecture
in auditoriums
sit near exits
or lean against the wall… 53 more words


A Personal Reflection

There were times I felt like I would slip back into a relapse, depression, and lose myself completely. Especially after the break up, and the times my ex made me feel bad for making a mistake of doing something with another person. 245 more words