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The English Paradox

Nations are rarely static; they tend to either form structures to hold them together or they split apart.

This puts England (as the core of the hollowed out British Empire) in a decidedly odd position. 289 more words

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Not Another Post About Conflict!

The question of conflict comes up in nearly every couples or family counseling session in some form or another. It is mostly the reason people seek counseling in the first place. 496 more words


Not a Walk of Shame, but a Stride of Pride

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.

413 more words

Spiritual growth, Spiritual maturity, and heretic

Spiritual growth, Spiritual maturity, and a heretic = What do these things have in common?

I suppose it depends on your honest perception. Honest, meaning not necessarily the first thing out of your mouth, because many of us a trained to give certain answers immediately, but more like the second thought or third (or later) thought that comes up in your mind. 1,281 more words


Never Drink Wine from a Dirty Glass

Last night I went to pour myself a glass of red, with all intentions of sitting down to do paperwork. I opened my elegant, cherry wood, six paned cupboard door to grab a wine glass sitting all alone in the back corner. 509 more words