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4 Signs You Are Growing Closer to Christ

from Faith in the News

What are four signs that you are growing closer to Christ? Here is our list of four:

Being Persecuted for Proclaiming the Gospel… 502 more words


People Make The World Go Around

As the days count down to my departure I am aware of the people in my life who I will miss the most while I am away. 464 more words


sure I'm embarrassing, but at least I am a mature young adult.

Blogging 201 kicks off today, and I am so so happy.  Unfortunately, you guys have already heard my intro/goals/ rambling reasons for my lack of blogging success about twenty thousand times, so I have no blogging 201 related post for you today. 551 more words



it was a fairy tale

yes it was –¬†it was a fairy tale, okay?

yes, and, um, it started like this:

“There’s two things you’re striving for, little girl… 121 more words

About The Self

the colours of our progression (2014)

they say time waits for no one


never has there been enough time
to cultivate a sense of fearlessness;

always too much time
to make idols of inspiration… 130 more words



One of my mentors always says, “act while emotions are high.” With any goal comes action. With consistent action in one direction comes energy. With that energy we create momentum. 150 more words


Hidden Emotions

“Dont wanna let you down, but i am hellbound”

I know what to do. I know whats the right thing to do.

Even though it hurts. 101 more words