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Being 64

November 28, 2014-   I woke today, looked in the mirror and lo & behold:  There was a face that looked every bit of sixty-four.  I’ve always regarded looking one’s age as a sign of a life well-lived.   388 more words

Personal Goals

Stuck at the Crossroad

Feeling lost. This emotion has been a constant in my life this past few days. Not sure what to expect out of myself. 264 more words



I’m just gonna write this to my friend, Alvin. He was usually the one to help me through my problems by… Talking it out. Some heart to heart and stuff. 646 more words


Gerry Hughes on encouraging the critical element

Gerard Hughes SJ died last month – an obituary is here. He had much to say about Christian formation, including this from a chapter called “clearing the approaches” in… 179 more words


Ready for Love?

Most of us thought that love is a very complicated feeling. But it’s not just about the feeling, it’s also about the attitude. Love can be the source of our strength but it may also be the waterloo of everyone. 90 more words


Tryptophan and Back

My son has always had a hard time eating appropriately.  Before he turned two, our pediatrician told us he clearly had a problem “pocketing” his food, which meant that he would stuff his mouth with more and more food, “pocketing” it in his cheeks like a hamster.  929 more words

Gay Parenting

Emotional Maturity

There are some adults out there who don’t necessarily act childish or immature on purpose. “Most immature adult behavior reflects a lack of mature parenting and other childhood disappointments. 837 more words

Developing And Understanding Photographic Practice