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If you toot your own horn you will play a solo.  Better to let others toot it for you.  Then you’ll likely have a whole band.   8 more words


Writing and Popularity

This past week I was convicted of something concerning my posts on WordPress and Facebook. I kept looking to see if anyone “liked” or commented on my posts. 503 more words


Time flies.

As we approach Christmas and 2015 at a ridiculously exponential rate, I happen to sit and wonder where my past year went, especially the last few months. 417 more words



Me and Christ are inseparable. You cannot have one without the other. My life before Christ however long ago is dead. The things that I had in my past is not a part of my nature today. 1,081 more words


18 signs that show that You're Not yet Ready For Marriage

1. If you believe that you must always have the last say in an argument,you are not ready for marriage.

2. If you don’t like anyone invading your space,you are not ready. 436 more words


Changes everywhere!

As the time to look back upon the most recent year gets underway, and whilst some carry out intense self-introspection about what they have learn about the last one year and many think about their respective future goals. 412 more words


Is that sophistication
I perceive in your eyes?
How could that be?
You are only five.

Did you push your brother?
Yes, and for good reason. 105 more words