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LEGO Kids' 9002953 Star Wars Darth Maul Watch With Minifigure

Perfect for young or old Star Wars fans, the LEGO Kids Star Wars Darth Maul Watch features a fun, colorful dial with a cartoon image of Darth Maul and his interconnected lightsabers. 85 more words

April 8th - Maul: Lockdown

Well, I made it through.  A lot happened in that series, and I found it very enjoyable.  While there were a few things I’m not fond of (really, we kill off Admiral Ackbar by having him die not in a scene and it’s just reported by Tycho (and we also don’t capitalize admiral for him?)), but there was a lot of good story in there.  120 more words

Rise Of The Empire Novels

Star Wars I the Phantom Menace

Where the story starts obi wan and qui gon jinn stumble across a young boy called anakin who is later known as darth vader darth maul is after the two jedis however he kills qui gon and obi wan kills him another great film.