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Whitesplaining 'Selma': A Hall of Shame

Over the past month, there’s been a steady drumbeat of mostly white voices complaining about the historical accuracy of Selma. We can now reasonably conclude that, in part, this disproportionate outcry really did hurt… 1,200 more words


David Brooks Interprets Your Favorite Short Stories

In David Brooks’ recent column, readers of the New York Times were taken on a journey back to English class. Instead of a defense of a foreign coup… 1,037 more words


Top pot stories of 2014

Was 2014 the year pot went mainstream, some even said lamestream?

Colorado and Washington sold it like booze, an experiment encouraged by Barack Obama, who said… 916 more words

Stephen Colbert signed off final Report with sadness, rolling credits over Neutral Milk Hotel's 'Holland, 1945'

After almost a decade on the air, Stephen Colbert brought The Colbert Report to a close Thursday night. For the final show, he brought back many familiar segments, including “The Wørd” and an abbreviated edition of “Cheating Death with Dr. 502 more words


Can Chris Rock Predict the Future?

Chris Rock’s semi-autobiographical comedy Top Five hits theaters today, but it was shot many months ago. Still, the sporadically uproarious film seems eerily prescient, foreshadowing news stories that have only made headlines in recent days. 421 more words