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48. I Lay Down and Die

By Barry & Maurice Gibb
Lead Vocal: Barry
Album: Cucumber Castle, 1970

“The whole world joins in”

I can’t help having reservations about the Bee Gees’ shift towards out-and-out romanticism and high powered emotional melodrama at the start of the’ 70s.  293 more words

Bee Gees

49. Who Knows What a Room Is

By Barry & Maurice Gibb
Lead Vocal: Barry
Recording: 1969

“Only a lonely place”

Who Knows What a Room Is starts off like another Kitty Can… 88 more words

Bee Gees

50. Everybody Clap

By Maurice Gibb
Lead Vocal: Lulu
Single A-side, 1971

“To the sound of the music”

A rarely played, almost forgotten piece of disposable 1971 pure-pop. 235 more words

Bee Gees

February 18

Yoko Ono is 81 today

Dennis DeYoung (Styx) turns 67 today

Today in 1969, Lulu and The Bee Gee’s Maurice Gibb got married

John Travolta is 60 today

Today In Music

February 18th - Lulu and Maurice Gibb get married - "First of May"

In 1969, the wedding of #Lulu and #MauriceGibb of the #BeeGees attracted 3000 uninvited guests.  Here they are singing together just before his untimely death #singing;#feelgood… 201 more words

Feel Good