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The best job in the world

Asking around to find the unmarked post office of Atar: 5 minutes. Knocking on the most obvious door, hearing no answer, walking all the way around the building without finding an open door, and asking a mailman where to enter the building: 3 minutes. 869 more words


The U.S. ranks 145th in slavery

According to the Global Slavery Index, 2014, an estimated 0.019% of all theĀ people in the United States are held in slavery. That is enough to make the United StatesĀ  45 more words

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Still in chains

What does the word slavery remind you?

Probably you would think about the ancient slaves forced to build the Pyramids. Or maybe you would think about the Romans and those who they conquered and submitted. 602 more words

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To get husbands, Pastor Undresses And Kisses Female Church Members Asses At Beach

The world is truly coming to an end..It has been revealed that the pastor in this picture asked his female members who are spinsters to a beach where they were asked to undress and were kissed on their ass as a sign for them to receive their prospective husbands which they quickly agreed to..Can you imagine such madness.


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Home but not Caught up; Mor-Maur 14 epi 4

If you had told my grandmother, born around 1900, that her grand-daughter would circumnavigate half of the globe not in 80 days, not in 80 hours, but in 28 hours, she would have been amazed. 530 more words


Nearly 36 million people living as slaves across the globe, according to human rights index

Almost 36 million people are living as slaves across the globe with a report listing Mauritania, Uzbekistan, Haiti, Qatar and India as the nations where modern-day slavery is most prevalent. 812 more words


The Good Old Days

I was recently asked by 4WD Touring Australia to write a short article about how I left Australia and ending up living and running a tourism business in Kenya. 470 more words

Overlanding Africa