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The last hour of the life of Andrew Perry

As Andrew sat under his betrothed, the tree; in its embrace, upon his throne; he gave himself some minutes to breathe; with time closing itself upon him as a shelf left opened for far too long; Andrew felt weary and lightheaded but not wrong; it was as if his energy was draining away off his limbs, bringing his hands to wilt away, collapsing like an airborne severed trunk free-falling into infinity, yet the way they went down also seemed like as if they were moving without moving in vacuum – but they did eventually reached his thighs, where they laid still, as much as Andrew’s will, as he gazed upon the veins of his forearms, and tried to encapsulate the feeling of how it would be like, as warm red blood, to flow through each of the canals that had caved themselves inside him. 2,104 more words


Reading HIV and AIDS (Part III – Around the world)


From 10 million in 1990 to 35 million people living with HIV in 2010, inclusive of the 2.6 million new cases of HIV infection only in 2010, HIV & AIDS has eventually been able to conquer the whole world; is there a place actually wherein this scourge of a virus is not present? 465 more words


Reading HIV and AIDS (Part II – Myths and Theories)


Whenever people have sought to explain the inexplicable, they have resorted to fantasy, which is how many people think of how ‘God’ came to be. 456 more words


Reading HIV and AIDS (Part I – The Commencement)


June 1981, Atlanta, USA; a rare form of Pneumonia (PCP) along with a rare form of cancer (Kaposi’s sarcoma) are found in 5 homosexuals.

AIDS has always been known as the gay disease, and unfortunately due to unsafe sexual practices, is still malignant among the gay population worldwide. 477 more words


The last day of the life of Andrew Perry



To die or not to die, was not the gist of the time, rather to Andrew, it was on about how to die, how to kill himself. 1,161 more words





When I was a kid, I had this dream wherein I would be rescued by someone,


who would take me away from the noise grim, 173 more words





Has it ever happened to you, an incident, one for which you need no exertion recollecting, because it lives with you; one about which you cannot talk; it’s not about confiding in someone, it’s about being unable to make it verbal; it’s similar to having it forever on the tip of your tongue, yet it brings you to clench your jaws simultaneously. 1,967 more words