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Yahoo spins off its Alibaba stake. Here comes the scrutiny

Marissa Mayer’s two and a half-year tenure as chief executive of Yahoo hasn’t exactly been smooth. But she’s had one big safeguard keeping the company’s stock up: a giant stake in Alibaba . 527 more words


My heroes

Christmas is right around the corner and as I reflect on the last year, I am grateful for the the human resources mavens I work with on a daily basis.   44 more words

Human Resources

How To Be A Maven: Think Outside The Box

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You’re going to hear no a million and one times before you get a yes, get creative and step out of your comfort zone; whatever it FCUKING takes to get the job done. 54 more words

Statistics as math, statistics as tools

How do you think about statistical methods in science? Are statistics a matter of math and logic? Or are they a useful tool? Over time, I have noticed that these seem to be two implicit frames for thinking about statistics. 1,524 more words