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Max Bemis @ Ottobar-December 2013

I know I did an angry post about this show before, but I deleted it off here and now, here are the pictures from the show, edited and ready to be presented to the world. 134 more words


I miss writing. I’m not even going to say blogging, because that’s like saying I miss reading poetry, when it’s really the whole process that I yearn for. 209 more words

Max Bemis

Say Anything Announce New Album, "Hebrews", Upcoming Nationwide Tour

Say Anything, the brainchild of front-man Max Bemis, is thrilled to announce “Hebrews” – a brand new full length due out June 10th, 2014 via Equal Vision Records. 537 more words


Say Anything to release "Hebrews" on June 10

It’s official – Say Anything will be releasing their new album Hebrews on June 10 through Equal Vision Records. The album will be the band’s fifth full length release and a follow up to 2012′s… 252 more words


See How An "Evil Empire" Is Built

You won’t find a much more loaded term in the entire lexicon of political rhetoric than “evil empire.” The phrase was made (in)famous when Reagan used it to describe the Soviet Union back when he had a hard-on for the apocalypse, and while some folks thought he was just being melodramatic, the “joke” he made a couple years later when he thought his mic was off about how he’d “just signed legislation outlawing Russia forever — we begin bombing in five minutes,” went some way towards throwing into stark relief why hard-line anti-communists were every bit as much a threat, if not moreso, than the dreaded “pinkos” themselves. 1,977 more words

Comic Book

Grumpy Bird Reviews: Evil Empire #1

Evil Empire #1

Writer: Max Bemis

Artist: Ransom Getty

Publisher: Boom! Studios

The Summation: The issue starts with a glimpse of a future USA that appears to be patrolled by menacing secret police who are happy to draw down on citizens for intervening in the beating of a guy in a wheelchair. 348 more words


Evil Empire 1 (March 2014)

Noam Chomsky it ain’t.

With Evil Empire, Max Bemis is out to show how the United States could become an evil empire. Not sure exactly why he didn’t base it off of other societies who became “evil empires,” seeing as how there are two or three really good examples from the twentieth century alone. 127 more words