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The Max Bemis Song Shop, Brick and Mortar Style

Say Anything
The Showbox, Seattle, Wa

The backdrop came down with the pull of a cord, and even though nobody could read it, they could see the writing on the wall. 417 more words

Concert Review

Say Anything - Hebrews

The pure essence of rock has forever been thundering beats against a back drop of filthy guitar thrashes. So when Say Anything released their new album… 556 more words


Say Anything... Is a Real Mensch

…in reality, indie culture was something that almost no one paid attention to for years, and it was functioning on its own, because people loved the music and people loved to dress a certain way and hang out with certain people, and it was cool.

157 more words


I love Say Anything.

Always have, and always will. I’ve explained previously what a profound impact Max Bemis and his lyrics have had on my life and Say Anything’s latest opus, … 591 more words


Say Anything but ordinary: Show Preview

Generally speaking, it’s hard to recall any portion of adolescence that makes one cringe quite as instinctively as when the words “middle school” are mentioned. Post-cringe, a plethora of mental images usually appear when reflecting on those awkward years. 345 more words

The Blue Note

New Strings Attached: Max Bemis of Say Anything

Say Anything is back!

For those of you not in the know, that’s Say Anything the band, not the John Cusack movie… which is the greatest movie on the planet, but that’s besides the point. 2,219 more words


Max Bemis, the Man Behind Say Anything's New Album

At the age of 19, American rock band Say Anything’s frontman Max Bemis was writing songs about his bipolar disorder and his issues with drugs and unhealthy relationships. 714 more words