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Max Mara flagship store in Aoyama, 1993 by エーエーアンドサン 一 architects

a solid-looking building on the intersection between Kotto dori and Aoyama Dori with nice proportion.

In a previous post there was a picture aside 。 25 more words


Merry Christmas

this is the joyful day to have fun and share the blessing with dear friends and family. Let’s have the party and get drunk!! hahahaa 21 more words

Dress down the mink

Layer the mink coat with boyfriend jacket and leather pants instantly getting the mood of casual luxe n chic, it’s definitely suit for the freezing winter. 29 more words

The Ladybug Has Fun, "The Italian Way!"

Here’s a fun and lighthearted shoot for you!

I was running errands with KNAGUI and a friend of ours when he decided that this place was perfect for shooting! 157 more words

Style & Fashion

Party dress dress during the day? Why Not!?

Continue my previous post of the party dress, here wanna share some tips to create a dynamic look in the day time:

1) Throw on a jacket… 188 more words

Get the party look

In the upcoming weeks there are lots of party to join, friend’s wedding, house warming party, X’mas party… I’m still thinking what to wear, let’s go shopping and dressing up!! 45 more words