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Placing divs side by side causes linebreak, instead of overflow

I have a small problem with two div’s placed side by side.
The left div is always of fixed width, but the right one is not, and if the content is too big it causes a linebreak, which is really annoying. 154 more words

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Since few days we are reading in the papers the feud over the languages. Why this fiasco?
It started with the declaration of removing English from the official status. 1,326 more words

How to prove that $ \lim_{u \downarrow 1} (u-1) \zeta(u) =1 $?

I would like to prove that $$ \lim_{u \downarrow 1} (u-1) \zeta(u) =1 \quad .$$ However, I am not sure which form of the Riemann-zeta function I ought to pick in order to compute this limit. 93 more words

The World is a joint family

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam

Vasudha + eva  Kutumb+ ekam

The World  (is) One family

This tenet, one of the strongest humanist statements to come out of sanskrit literature, is as old as anybody’s guess.

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