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Fear Itself (The Max Segal Series, Book Three)

Why would a nurse’s aide terrified of heights hurl herself from a twentieth story rooftop in Queens? Why would an attractive librarian with a water phobia be found naked and floating facedown in the Astoria Park swimming pool? 14 more words

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table

Treat yourself to the ultimate Inversion Therapy experience. The Health Mark Promax Inversion Table promises to give you the ride of your life. The Promax is the only table in its class to provide a unique design that not only allows you to assume the traditional face up position, but also face down positioning which can allow for simultaneous massage stimulation. 155 more words

Exes (The Max Segal Series, Book Two)

A series of successful professional men are found slashed to death in their beds, apparently during sex, the presumed victims of a gay murderer. Homicide detective Max Segal is on the case, but he’s distracted by his failing marriage and an attractive journalist who is covering the case. Judy W…

Love Kills (The Max Segal Series, Book One)

The attractive redhead at the A&P checkout counter opens her checkbook and begins writing a check, unaware that she’s signing her own death warrant. The man behind her in the dark overcoat memorizes the address on her check. 16 more words

Max – yeah it’s not that hard if you just stick your finger a little further back than you want to. Then you’ll throw up.

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We’ve never made fun of a dog before for having a small dick. How has this never happened? Next thing you know we’ll be making fun of a girl dog for having a flappy vagnia – Max