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Max and I are back over Upton Heath

Sunday 27th July 2014

Jez has been in a funny mood today. She thought she wanted to go for a walk in the morning with Chris and Max, but Chris tried 3 different locations to get her to walk for more than a few minutes, and each time she wandered around and then went back to the car. 315 more words


Finally True Love, Part 3 Chapter 1

“You’re not going to give me her number?” Vanessa yelled.

“No.” Lori said quietly.

“Why the fuck not? How the hell am I suppose to reach you?” 1,139 more words


Our normal Saturday walk on Upton Heath

Saturday 26th July 2014

For me Saturday morning means cleaning. It has been another sweltering day, so cleaning, especially using a powerful vacuum cleaner that chucks out a lot of hot air, is not the best of tasks. 263 more words


Città di Vetro: capitolo 13

Nel capitolo tredicesimo di Città di Vetro, abbiamo un Valentine modello Voldemort. Assolutamente spaventoso.


Vorrei cominciare questo capitolo con un sacco di insulti a Valentine e ai suoi modi untuosi, per non parlare delle sue capacità di affabulazione chiaramente arrugginite, ma purtroppo il capitolo inizia con una scena diversa, e al nostro psicopatico arriveremo solo fra qualche pagina. 2,308 more words


New game rolling out in a week or so, new Twitter account.

Let’s begin with a screenshot of my new game 5 Colors which was taken on my iPhone 5s! I’m not going to give out much details beyond this screenshot but what I will say is expect it early next month for iPhone and possibly Android shortly after! 65 more words


Day Sixty Five

Boy, oh boy! Mary’s having a boy! A few friends and I got together to throw her a shower and it turned out so beautiful. Not only am I proud of the awesome party that we pulled off, I’m so damn proud to have made Mary so happy. 26 more words


Sorry - its the river for us again

Friday 25th July 2014

I’m sorry if this is getting a bit repetitive. The hot weather means I’m looking for places with shade and water to walk the dogs, and the River Stour at Cowgrove fits the bill. 368 more words