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I Used To Be An Editor For Maxim And Here Are 9 Things I Learned About Women While Working There

I edited Maxim for four years, and let me tell you, we knew everything there was to know about guys. Like this: All guys really care about is girls… 1,670 more words

Olívia Ortiz na capa da Maxim Portugal Outubro 2013

“Helena Noronha” na série I LOVE IT e apresentadora do programa Guestlist da TVI, Olívia Ortiz é a capa Maxim Portugal de Outubro de 2013.

Olivia Ortiz

Personal Maxims ...

There are many things and events towards which I would like to behave differently today, if I encountered them again. These are statements to remind me of this, maxims that I would like to adhere to. 67 more words


DJ Stephanie Loayza's Hottest Instagrams

Stephanie Loayza is a DJ and model who first caught our eye when she entered Maxim’s lost, lamented Hometown Hottie competition (RIP, Maxim’s sense of fun). 290 more words


Maxim Ft. Skin - Carmen Queasy (The Second Division remix)

This is big and serious, these The Second Division guys deserve big respect and by my opinion they practically became a part of the Prodigy experience, thanks guys for making this this is a fucking win, this tune is practically everything that a good shit should be, its dark, heavy, strong, serious and i think that this could sell very good but this is not about that and how much of those selling remixes out there are actually good ask your self. Enjoy.


Send files to contacts through Skype with Skype4Py

I have visited somes links but it seems not working so… I want to send a file (in the shortest way) to a contact with skype4py python script. 53 more words

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Dessie Mitcheson's Hottest Instagrams

Boy, if we learned anything from our traffic these past couple weeks, it’s that you guys LOVE Dessie Mitcheson. And who can blame you? The Maxim Hometown Hottie winner is a stone-cold fox. 253 more words