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Tuesday Giveaway - SketchUp Models

This is a first for me, I don’t usually upload my SketchUp models to the 3D Warehouse because I’m ferociously protective of them.  Yes, I do realise how ridiculous that sounds but hey, I am what I am! 346 more words

Interior Design

The Day I Set My Creativity Free

Interior Design is a serious business.  We always hear people in the industry talking about effective utilisation of space, or how to make the most of architectural features and how important adequate, layered lighting is within a room. 239 more words

Interior Design

Pushing the Boundaries of 3D Visualisation

Consider this my very first ‘photography’ exhibition.

These spaces and their design elements do not exist.  But they are very real in my mind.

Yes, I’m a little bit of a fraud but you have to admit that because of the impressive  advancements in both CAD and image editing software, I can deceive you into… 45 more words

Interior Design

New Photo-Realistic 3D Visuals

A few updated 3D Visuals to whet the appetite!  The 3D models were created using Google SketchUp, photo-realistically rendered via Maxwell Render and then tweaked (post-processing) using Photoshop.


Interior Design


New concept keyboard. Designed and modeled in SolidWorks and rendered in Maxwell Render

WIP Waterfall (Mesh & Render)

I did a lot of tests, but the problem is the time. I need a lot to make some small changes.
Since I started building the mesh it was a lot of time for every small change, so finnally I decided to upload one render test with Maxwell Render, and I don´t know how much time I would need to upload something more. 21 more words


tegelbruket housing development

10 single family home development in Lomma
Lomma, Sweden / December 2013