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Dirty Green Smoothie

I used the leftover “Clean Green Smoothie” to make a Dirty Smoothie. I have never had any of those professional alcoholic beverages and decided it was time to have a smoothie that sounded alcoholic. 449 more words

Mayah King

Clean Green Smoothie

I made the “Clean Green Smoothie” (comment section) today that Michele (Powerball) challenged me to try last week. I need to start this article off with a huge disclaimer. 721 more words

Mayah King

Inside Herb Garden?

I want to grow my own herbs but I want them to grow inside my home. If anyone has done this then please reply below. I have a ton of questions and am willing to even read up on websites but I cannot seem to find all of my answers. 244 more words

Mayah King

Daughter's Finished Stuffed Elephant

My daughter finished stuffing her elephant. She had stuffed it and somehow taken out a few seams so she ended up having to sew it up again in a few spots. 188 more words

Mayah King

Day 3 of 3- Day Green Smoothie Challenge

This is Day 3 of my green smoothie challenge. I kept my same routine due to my schedule keeping my busy hours the same.

I am happy to have reached my smoothie goal and be able to return to eating foods. 533 more words

Mayah King

Day 2 Smoothie Challenge

Day 2 of my challenge was a bit different. I decided not to take a frozen smoothie with me for my 5-mile walk. I did take two bottles of water but I did not drink it until after the walk when I was back in my car. 482 more words

Mayah King

Day 1 Green Smoothie Challenge

Day 1 was not stressful for me. I do not expect to have many obstacles since I am only doing this for three days.

I left out of the house and did some running for a few hours before returning home slightly before lunch. 204 more words

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