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Day 3 of 3- Day Green Smoothie Challenge

This is Day 3 of my green smoothie challenge. I kept my same routine due to my schedule keeping my busy hours the same.

I am happy to have reached my smoothie goal and be able to return to eating foods. 533 more words

Mayah King

Day 2 Smoothie Challenge

Day 2 of my challenge was a bit different. I decided not to take a frozen smoothie with me for my 5-mile walk. I did take two bottles of water but I did not drink it until after the walk when I was back in my car. 482 more words

Mayah King

Day 1 Green Smoothie Challenge

Day 1 was not stressful for me. I do not expect to have many obstacles since I am only doing this for three days.

I left out of the house and did some running for a few hours before returning home slightly before lunch. 204 more words

Mayah King

First Sewn Outfit

I did finish my shirt this weekend to go with my skirt but I ran into some slight details (rain) that kept me from wearing a skirt to church this past Sunday. 366 more words

Mayah King

Day Before Smoothie Challenge

I will be starting my smoothie challenge tomorrow if anyone is going to be doing it with me. I will do my typical routine for when I start new eating challenges. 750 more words

Mayah King

Strawberry-Date Smoothie

I did not make a green smoothie today but I did make a strawberry-date smoothie. I wanted to have a base smoothie that I could use to see if dates were an adequate sweetener for me. 236 more words

Mayah King

Proof of Aerial Class Participation

I totally forgot to share a picture that my daughter took with her phone from my aerial class. This is what I did after the “cocoon”. 372 more words

Mayah King