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Lyceum 9 ending: We have to save her

“We have to save her,” said Angelica.

“Obviously,” said Daphne.

“Bowshots!” said Arnulf.

“You brought your bow,” replied Daphne, “which you don’t own?”

“We could make a catapult out of trash,” said Tom, looking around. 1,956 more words

Chichen Itza

I have been dreaming of coming to this place for a long time. It’s been on the list for a good 6 years since I took my first trip to Mexico. 252 more words


Lyceum 9 continued: Following the Mangle Trucks

Everyone began running around in circles in front of the garage door, except for Tom and Arnulf. “Try weaving the thing?” said Tom. “You know, the thing you weave, that Ash showed us?” 1,296 more words

#274 Apocalypto

(2006, Mel Gibson)

Fun fact: Sometime in January 2013, I realised how appropriate Apocalypto, with all its Mayan prophecies of apocalypse, would have been for December 21st 2012, the supposed end-of-the-world date based on the Mayan calendar. 832 more words


I could tell you...

Oh the things I could tell you about the latest adventure God sent me on. I could tell you about the beauty of the land in all of it’s tropical glory…white sand beaches, deep blue waters, bananas and coconuts hanging from trees and rich vegetation with vibrant colors. 712 more words

Mission Ventures

L'amore dolce

Long live Mesoamerican people! :-D  Long live Christopher Columbus and the first discoverers of the New World! :-D

Let's Travel

Writing challenge - What if WE were the ones discovered?

I must admit that I haven’t looked very hard but this is something that has been tickling the back of my brain for a while. As I’ve said in previous posts, my brain doesn’t stop coming up with ideas for stories, games and what ifs? 141 more words