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AWAW: Hole

For this week’s word photography challenge: Hole

Hole in the goal post of the Mayan Ball Game.

The hole in the Black Chasm Caves
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Forget 2012: Why 2015 Will Decide Our Fate

I bet even the Mayans didn’t see this coming when they predicted that the world would end in 2012. Turns out we are not off the hook yet, with an even more legitimate danger staring us in the face. 979 more words

Climate Change

Adios Mexico!

I’m typing this on the flight home from Cancun, Mexico. We’ve had an amazing week, the weather has been mostly good, the people friendly and the scenery beautiful. 503 more words

Mayan Spice Hot Chocolate

In Mexican ancient civilizations, before the Spanish conquistadors imported chocolate to Spain and added sugar, the ancient Mayans and Aztecs drank the bitter cacao

(“Ka-Kow”) mixing it with wine, and adding spices: vanilla bean, cinnamon stick, and chile.   265 more words

Comfort Food

Watching Apocalypto with Mayans

Many mistakenly lump the Mayans in with other groups of Native Americans like the Incas, assuming that hundreds of years ago when Columbus and Pizarro left their tragic marks, the Mayans and their culture disappeared.  803 more words



Title: 13/13/13

Director: James Cullen Bressack

Writer: James Cullen Bressack

Starring: Trae Ireland, Erin Coker, a lot of terrible actors

Year released: 2013

Initial thoughts (Pre-screening): Let’s just get this over with… 287 more words

An Asylum Production

Mayan Meals, Games to the Death and More

Mayans had meals that may not be appealing to many of us in some ways, though they ate things that we would eat today, like fruit, cornmeal, corn.   357 more words

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