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dear you

good morning to you! actually, it should be good afternoon by now. i hope you rested well. i have been up for a few hours now. 593 more words

Random Thoughts

Speaking Into The Air (draft 1)

Speaking Into The Air (Draft 1)

Oh I
never heard
anything I could hold
like a talisman of praise

But you are so kind
to enjoy me like you do… 32 more words

Douglas Gilbert

backtrack; High society (1956)

Philadelphia Story, the popular stage play of 1939 turned elegant screwball »comedy of remarriage« in 1940, is here transformed – by many able hands – into a witty and different musical. 26 more words

Maybe His Reading Her A Scary Story

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I told them months earlier that most groups I’ve been in had a sort of pet phrase that everyone liked to say. It was something everybody would organically reach an agreement on, that we would all understand the meaning of, and that would raise the spirit of togetherness. 610 more words



“Someday,” you say, “The two of us will just run away,

and leave the world in the dust.”

Someday, the two of us will be together. 158 more words

maybe another time

its not always

the best and its not always

the most happiest you could have been

and the doors are closed and its so much… 48 more words