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Ms.Teyana Taylor IS NOT A Member of the Skin Bleach Brigade!

Teyana Taylor puts speculators to bed confirming, much to her displeasure that she indeed HAS NOT bleached her skin. Yesterday evening the ‘Sweet 16′ native posted a throwback picture in her younger days on social media app Instagram. 320 more words


So Close! #NewAgent Maybes

First, I want to start off by saying Kudos to everyone who entered New Agent a couple of weeks ago. Any time you step out there, you’re that much closer to achieving your dream, no matter the result. 252 more words


At Long Last

It’s been a while.

I burned out. I was trying to stretch myself into too many directions at once, and I just… became exhausted. Added to that is the mental and emotional strain of thinking my efforts were worthless, because I’m talented so I should obviously be doing so much better than I already am. 112 more words


Cupcakes and vodka

i am compulsive eater. When I’m depressed and nobody is home.. I comfort myself with the food. I didn’t have a sweet tooth. Chocolate just seems to enhance my mood. 297 more words


I have a lot on my mind and it seems that lately there is really no one that I can turn to. I have seen better days and clearly this month has just been a big rainstorm drowning my life. 412 more words


Ever sit down and get to thinking, “maybe if…”, I mean, the scenarios are endless! I think I had it stuck in my head too much that I so was not good enough for anyone that I’d always be thinking, “Maybe if I was prettier, maybe if I was thinner, maybe if I were younger, or shorter, or that I used to go out more, or maybe if I were a party person, or maybe I just didn’t have that one factor that someone wanted, or maybe I had too much of something, or maybe I’m too complicated, too weird, or perhaps maybe I wasn’t weird enough, maybe because I’m too awkward or maybe I’m too shy…” I can go on forever! 179 more words


Rant: Take Your Facebook 'Maybe' and Shove It

Okay, so maybe that’s a little harsh. But haven’t we all thought that at one point or another? To the aggravation of hosts and hostesses everywhere, trying to arrange an event amidst the 8 ‘yeses,’ 1 ‘no,’ and 21 ‘maybes’ can sometimes be a hair-pulling experience.