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Mayfly hatch blankets towns along the Mississippi River

Residents along the Mississippi River would rather do without this rite of summer, the annual mayfly hatch that fills the air with insects and leaves surfaces of cars and just about everything else with a slimy mess.

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Large swarms of mayflies show up on Wisconsin radar

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW/CNN) – A skin-crawling sight in Wisconsin… swarms of mayflies coming out of the Mississippi river on July 20.

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Three-vehicle crash caused by...large hatch of mayflies?!

TRENTON (AP) — Police say a large hatch of mayflies may have caused a three-vehicle crash on a Wisconsin road.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports the road had become slick from the mayflies Sunday evening, causing at least one of the drivers involved in the crash to lose control of her vehicle. 39 more words


Mayflies cause 3-car crash in western Wisconsin

Swarms of mayflies made for slick road conditions Sunday night, causing a three-car crash in western Wisconsin.

Mayflies are mostly harmless – they don’t bite or sting – and they only live for about 24 hours. 316 more words


A Sniff of Sulphur

Musky Guide Jake Grove gets some yellow on sulphur dries

IT’S late, four weeks late probably, but finally the weather & water gods have aligned and we are seeing some choice sulphur mayfly hatches popping off on the White River late morning. 750 more words


Mayfly invasion: Bugs causing a mess along Lake Erie

VERMILION, Ohio -– Mayflies may be harmless, but they’re causing quite the mess for cities along Lake Erie.

“I’ve never seen them until this year, but we have this bush that seems to attract them, and they’re all over the front door of our cottage,” said Lydia Trentman. 251 more words