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Former NY Mayor Bloomberg, Michelle Obama Fight Release of Upcoming Movie, ‘The Splurge’

New York City – Warner Bros. studio has announced plans to make a new movie called ‘The Splurge’ after the success of ‘The Purge’ films. But not everyone is happy about the idea. 270 more words

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New York’s Ban on Big Sodas Is Rejected by Final Court.

By MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM  JUNE 26th, 2014        Find Article Here:-

The Bloomberg big-soda ban is officially dead.

A proposal in 2012 by former Mayor Michael R. 778 more words


Contractor Threatens to Evict Homeless Families as City Cuts Pay for Criticized Homeless Program

Mayor de Blasio is no fan of cluster site housing for the homeless – where companies rent apartments, loan them to those needing housing and technically help those temporary tenants find jobs and regular housing. 250 more words

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Thank God For Friday And Other Stuff

I was finishing up my cheese omelet when I saw a distinguished figure part a cluster of waiters like Moses the Red Sea and make his way toward the back of the restuarant where I was sitting. 250 more words

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New York City Back In Court Trying To Reinstate Ban On Big Sodas

It seems like only yesterday that New Yorkers were living under the unsweetened thumb of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, because although there’s a new mayor in town, the old fight over restricting the sizes of soda and other sugary drinks continues onward.

New York’s Sky-High Public School Spending

It doesn’t even get much of a mention in the NYC press anymore, but the education finance data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau and released each year shows that New York State’s public school spending per student is sky high, one of the biggest reasons why New York has the highest state and local tax burden on residents and most businesses in the U.S. 7,093 more words