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November 15th will be here soon! Who's got your VOTE?!

Check out my PSA on behalf of VOICE on the Coast, encouraging residents to find out about their local candidates then VOTING on November 15th. … 74 more words


Oh Happy [BuildASign.com] Day

One afternoon in early 2008, a gentleman named Andy was designing a banner on BuildASign.com. Nearly finished with his design, he was having trouble deciding between “WELCOME HOME!” and “SO HAPPY YOU’RE HOME!” 500 more words


The Good Ol' Days: What About Bob Guiou?

Receiving a plaque for his many hears of service in the city of Eufaula is the long time City Treasurer and State National Bank Officer, Bob Guiou. 15 more words

Joe Johnson Eufaula Oklahoma

The Good Ol' Days: Young n' Dapper

Freshman Class President of Eastern Oklahoma State College admires the first plaque he ever received for being named Student State Senator of the Year. Don’t I look cute? 

Joe Johnson Eufaula Oklahoma

The Good Ol' Days: Supporting the Eufaula Boxing Club

Here I am, on behalf of the Quarterback Club,presenting the Outstanding Boxer Award to Kirk Stingle. I assisted with the officiating of several of the boxing matches. 28 more words

Joe Johnson Eufaula Oklahoma

The Really, Really, REALLY LOST Mother Goose!!

Yes, my dearest friends; Mother Goose, that loveable heroine of those magical nursery rhymes of our childhoods…Has written some certain other kinds of rhymes that were somehow forgotten, thrown away like yesteryear’s garbage…Of course, not ALL of her lost rhymes were just plain trash, now that Dream In Music has finally uncovered those lost rhymes from Mama Goosie’s Magical Rhyming Vault of Bad Ideas… 129 more words


When Freddie met the Mayor!

Following our run on Sunday, Freddie was lucky enough to bump into someone very important in Exeter. If you would like to find out more, leave a comment below and I’m sure Freddie will try his best to answer your questions!

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