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A Maze of Lies - Part Two

Continuing the story of lies, deception, and wrong choices. Click for Part One. I’d love feedback! :D

Hailey yawned. She could feel the heat of the sun on the side of her face. 1,374 more words


(New Album Review) Temple Maps- Moon Mountain

Portland’s Lifelike Family’s newest release is Moon Mountain by Temple Maps, the moniker of electronic musician Elias Foley.

Jay No Parades sent me this release, and then later at a show put on by Lifelike Family, I met and briefly chatted with Elias. 315 more words

The genius of building a maze at a city's center

I’m the kind of person who probably couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag, so it was with some hesitation that I stepped into the BIG Maze. 735 more words

Introducing: Ultimate Painting

Ultimate Painting is a new project formed of Veronica Falls’ James Hoare and Mazes’ Jack Cooper. The duo, who met when both bands embarked on a 3 week European tour, started writing music together almost instantaneously and fashioned an entire bedroom-recorded album. 97 more words

New To Me, Knew To You?

Just Opened: A Big Maze That's Big Fun

You don’t usually tell your kids to, “get lost,” but with the installment of the BIG Maze (open through Sept. 1) at the National Building Museum, it’s completely acceptable rhetoric. 335 more words

Things To Do

Mazes - Astigmatism

Astigmatism is the latest track from Manchester group Mazes, following their second LP from 2013, Ores and Minerals. Classic rock ‘n’ roll guitar swirls and yelps familiar to The Men swing back and forth throughout this reverb-less track, for just over three minutes of pleasant rock.


Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … I was reading that book about mazes, but I lost my place.