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Stanford Graduate School of Business: Business School Tally board

Stanford GSB the second of the trinity of magnificent business schools. With acceptance rates of 5.7%, Stanford GSB is a loonng shot for me. The odds are simply not in my favor. 108 more words


And so went the week

I’m writing this with a new-found appreciation for the gift of sight.

You remember I was supposed to take my GMAT yesterday, well, that didn’t happen. 225 more words


Mr and Ms White in pictures - 'MBA'

It’s obvious the two friends were speaking about different subjects. *’Mba’ is a friendly informal term for unmarried women in Indonesia (as ‘Mas’ goes for men). 34 more words

Gambar Komik / Comics

Lums MBA Pitfall: Eating Right

Its important to not get carried away and eat your feelings. You’re feelings suck. Don’t feed them. There will be late nights (well, almost every night), that you’ll be generating some serious desires to consume a pizza, just because you want something to kick those endorphins into gear and that 12th cup of bitter coffee just isn’t cutting it. 219 more words

Beauty & Shenanigans | Helena, Montana Area Family Photographer

What is the game the kids on facebook play? Something like, “to be honest..”?

Well, to be honest ~ this family was one of the funnest families I’ve had the opportunity to photograph. 33 more words

Push the pushy salesperson away

I was recently shopping at an upscale clothing store when I encountered a creature from the past, one from a dying breed… a pushy salesperson. Honestly, I haven’t encountered too many of those in the last few years, and they’re a dying breed for a good reason. 400 more words


Time Management

Summer semester started after a week long course in management process improvement,  which was daily from 8am -5pm. We did a lot of group interactions and I met some great people. 415 more words