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Great Leadership Isn’t About You

The year 1777 was not a particularly good time for America’s newly formed revolutionary army. Under General George Washington’s command, some 11,000 soldiers made their way to Valley Forge. 950 more words


Your Content Strategy Is Also a Recruiting Strategy

I recently asked a friend in California about the drought. “Nothing has changed,” he said. “There may be an emergency, but we’re still watering our lawns.” 767 more words


Universities Cater to a New Demographic: Boomers

During his years at the University of Virginia, Jerry Reid was, for the most part, a typical busy member of the Class of 2014. He worked hard in his classes, joined a fraternity, was a member of the debating society, played flag football, and cheered for school sports teams. 973 more words


Sometimes, Employees Are Right to Worry About Taking Vacation

According to one study, 13% of managers are less likely to promote workers who take all of their vacation time; according to another, employees who take less than their full vacations earn… 57 more words


The Conversation We Should Be Having About Corporate Taxes

The corporate inversion — when a U.S. company takes on the legal identity of foreign subsidiary, usually in order to reduce its taxes — has become about as controversial as corporate finance topics get. 2,544 more words


The Marketing Summit-"The Dynamics of Marketing Strategies in VUCA Times" | Conventus '14

22nd Aug 2014: The Dynamics of Marketing Strategies in VUCA Times – The Marketing Summit

The second session, of Conventus’14, The Marketing Summit, was based on the theme “ 294 more words


A brief intermission & a B School Tally Entry

It is great to be back to the blogosphere, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms. But things are quite lull ‘ed’ out here at the moment, aren’t they? 437 more words