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Velocity was a term I wasn’t familiar with until I entered the CPG world, but is something that is so important to a brand manager. I’ll explain what velocity means in the context of the CPG industry and why it is such a commonly used metric in marketing. 512 more words

Brand Management

Seven Things You Need To Know About GST Bill

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill was tabled in the Lok Sabha on 19 October 2014. This Bill has faced stringent opposition from states in the past, the main reason why the bill couldn’t be passed by the previous Congress government. 74 more words

Descriptive Questions

In search of 7_0

Finally, a score that I would like to see on the GMAT. 720!! Split 49, 40!! 188 more words


EVERYDAY: Sit In Saturday

Because there are times – No. Lots of time when you don’t actually want to go home just yet.
Or rather when you have nowhere to sit – Hence, trying to disguise my way to their Financial Accounting class. 29 more words


Launch into the New Year!

One of my delightful MBA alumni sent me this post today and said, “this is so you, I thought you wrote is under a pseudonym.”  Turns out…she’s only half right.   35 more words


To Be or Not To Be?

Each one of us have gone through some kind of dilemma in our lives.To do or not to do,to eat or not to eat,to say or not to say….You get it,right? 484 more words

The MBA degree and the astronomical rise in CEO pay

During most MBA programs, business school students read numerous case studies, evaluating the strategies of many different kinds of companies, analyzing the cost of bringing new product lines to market and novel methods to cut expenses. 697 more words