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A little about Mpowered

Mpowered was established in 2002 to advise companies on the emerging BEE Act, and subsequently, advising around the BEE Codes of Good Practice.

In 2012 and after 10 years of consulting, Mpowered made a decision to focus 100% of our effort on the continuous development and support of our software solutions. 79 more words


SEC Releases Asset-Backed Securities and Credit Rating Reform Rules

The two reform rules released this week by the SEC, addressing credit rating agencies and asset-backed securities, target some of the issues that led to the financial crisis. 483 more words

the 7 biggest lies

7- My wife doesn’t understand me: ”I try to talk to her but she criticizes me” OR “I’ve changed and she doesn’t want to change with me”                                                                        556 more words

Timeslot History: Anime on TBS/MBS (1994-2000)

The second broadcaster I’m going to be covering is actually two companies, albiet closely related ones. Mainichi Broadcasting System is affiliated with, and holds stock in, … 993 more words


Paul & Shark (part 1)

P.S. Too tired to care about grammar or any editing so… if you are a grammar nazi, buzz off.

So I finally resigned from Paul & Shark to enjoy my last 2+ week of freedom before enlisting in army. 812 more words

Trail #3

Was at Marina Bay Sands again that weekend (I was there for Trail 2 previously) because I was visiting the Annie Leibovitz photography exhibition. Loved it. 33 more words