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Localising the lesion - cerebral syndromes


Parietal lobe

  • Sensation
  • Gerstmann’s syndrome in dominant lobe (lobe dominance = left in most people)
    • Right-left disorientation (place left hand on right ear)
    • Acalculia (count backwards from 100 by 7s)
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No One Wants You to Know How Bad Fukushima Might Still Be | Vice

Last month, when the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced it would move forward with its plan to construct an “ice wall” around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant’s failed reactors, it seemed like a step backwards. 218 more words

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The MCA Referral Program Explained

So you want to know about the MCA (Motor Club of America) referral program, dontcha?

If you’re in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico, then this is possible for you. 1,027 more words


Getting More MCA Sales

MCA has benefits that surpasses all of the other roadside assistance services, plus a
lucrative $80 referral program that is available to any member.

You can create flyers, drop cards, flyers with pull off tabs at the bottom, etc and get out to… 1,435 more words


Getting Laid Off and MCA to the Rescue

Too many people are getting laid off these days.  It’s getting crazy.  It used to be that you could rely on a fairly stable working career time, but these days you have relatively virile and youthful people who have been discarded by the new robber baron culture inside corporations.   296 more words