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McAfee Total Protection 3PC 2014 $17.48!

Ok, I know a lot of you are just getting started back in class so I thought I’d share a school necessity…virus protection. I did all my classes online so this was a major must for me. 219 more words


How To Fix A Computer Slowed Down By McAfee

These days, security from viruses and other malware threats is irreplaceable both online and logged off. Most individuals have antivirus software and at times significantly, other security software installed on their PCs, to secure their systems and the files on them from defilement. 364 more words

Slow Computer

McAfee Server Security Suites - Comprehensive protection for the hybrid data center

McAfee has announced key enhancements to its Server Security Suites product portfolio, including the optimization of productivity and efficiency in order to improve the security of servers deployed in physical, virtualized and cloud environments. 343 more words

IT Security News

Специально для КО: расширенный анализ BadUSB

Перебрал свои записи по этой теме и написал статью для Компьютерного Обозрения.


Немного теории о том, чем BadUSB отличается от того, что мы видели прежде.

Переведены основные слайды доклада, приведены примеры эксплуатации уязвимости.

Своеобразная выжимка из ~ 45 минутного видео + немного аналитики и прогнозов.

Рекомендуется к прочтению как техническим специалистам ИБ/ИТ так и обычным пользователям, особенно тем, кто пропустил сам доклад.

Спасибо за внимание.


Random privacy news #1

A light start for Fork with some interesting articles about privacy.

The death of privacy
We have come to the end of privacy; our private lives, as our grandparents would have recognised them, have been winnowed away to the realm of the shameful and secret. 770 more words


Antivirus software: AVG, Avast are solid free choices

Ever since the creation of computers, the threat of computer hackers has existed. Today there are a number of antivirus options, but which one is the best? 434 more words

Computer Problems And Solutions

John McAfee's call to arms: If you want freedom, resist Google (video)

Cybersecurity pioneer and outspoken playboy John McAfee has a message for people using Google.

Wise up.

If you think that Google’s collection of personal data is innocuous, McAfee wants you to think again. 178 more words