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Exhibition Proposal Specification document

Our Official proposed Ideas towards the exhibition space, All info is collected and laid out into a design booklet. The booklet explains our concept, our objectives, design specifications, the colour scheme, fonts and over all theme, interactivity, success criteria and limitation, budget and project time scale. 35 more words

Vox Pop Interviews: What Is Graphic Design ?

Vox pop interviews taken along the front of sliema (malta) in aid for our exhibition title “What is Graphic Design”. Here in Malta the majority of people have no clue what graphic design is, they get us mistaken with architects and photographers or have no idea what so ever. 35 more words

The Info Graphics

Info graphics are an essential part of graphic design, they help inform the viewer in a much simpler way, and at times can convey information, better than written words. 129 more words

Wall Signs

My mates and i thought it would be a great idea to create some sort of sign, or direction to welcome the pedestrians into our exhibited space. 186 more words

Finalised Floor plans

Below are the finalised plans created by Jonathan Bernard Pace in 3DS max.

Above we can see both the degree room and staff Kitchen Room. 30 more words

Vox Pop Interviews

A week ago my mates and I, decided to make a humorous video, on what people think about graphic design. To get our Exhibition Concept out “what is Graphic Design” we need to know what the majority of the public think about the subject. 107 more words


One of my mates came up with a great idea of adding tags to our work, the reason behind this was to make it clear to the viewer who we are and our contact details, so if a person is interested in our work they can easily get in touch with us. 28 more words