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The 3 p’s of presenting

During the first weeks of their education, masses of freshman marketing students still get confronted with Jerome McCarthy’s 4P model. A tool created more than 50 years ago, in an age where customers were labeled “buyer” or “consumer”. 493 more words

Best Practices

Ogham Stones

The Passage of Stones at University College Cork is exactly what it says on the tin, a passage of … stones! Ogham stones to be exact. 164 more words

Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

McCarthy Picked To Star In Tinker Bell Movie Headline Confuses Me

I saw a headline recently mentioning that McCarthy was picked to star in the new Tinker Bell movie. That’s all I saw, just that much information. 151 more words

Mouth of the Week: 10-16 November

Greetings fellow earthlings. Mouth of the Week strikes again & we’ve got quite a lovely entry this week. Again I was late by only a day this time as I wasn’t able to get access to a laptop in the weekend & writing a blog post on the WordPress iPhone app is a pain in the hoop. 525 more words

Mouth Of The Week

Happy 55th

Today is Mark’s birthday!  Hope it’s a happy one :-)


Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1955/6) - Don Siegel

Darker than I remembered both in its noir visuals (very low key) and in its thematics. It really gets very claustrophobic by the end as everyone in the town becomes one of ‘them’. 37 more words