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Black History Month special: Paul Robeson (April 9, 1898 – January 23, 1976)

Actor, singer, activist and orator, Robeson was key in the Harlem Resistance, and his influence spans globally. He is felt in Russia, South Africa, Australia, England and Whales especially, where he formed a bond with miners. 140 more words

Black History Month

I puttanieri e le puttane francesi scandalizzati da Paul Mc Carthy

I francesi,e i parigini ovviamente sono delle puttane e dei puttanieri.

Mi fanno ridere che fanno i puritani scandalizzandosi per la scultura di Mc Carthy. 192 more words

Paul McCarthy hits back at critics of his "butt plug" sculpture

American artist Paul McCarthy is hitting back against French critics after his provocative “butt plug” was vandalised in a Paris square last week. Continue reading…


Do you really see a Christmas tree here, or is it just my French mind?....

It is green. It is tall. Guess you could put a star on top, somehow. So? tell me, honestly?

Even after 15 years of expatriation, I can still resent every cut made to the beauty of my favorite town. 387 more words




McCarthy and Nixon vilified reds.
Hating and blackballing and threats
And though McCarthy’s was rejected
It all somehow got Nixon elected. 210 more words


Walt Disney, Ronald Reagan and the Fear of Hollywood Communism

Concern over the corrupting influence of the media is nothing new.

On this day — Oct. 20 — in 1947, members of the House Un-American Activities Committee… 477 more words

Kennecott Mine Album

Abandoned buildings and structures, especially mining stuff, has always held fascination for me. Kennecott was spectacular… The hike up the lateral moraine of the Root Glacier above the mine was out of this world. 11 more words