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McCarthy and Nixon vilified reds.
Hating and blackballing and threats
And though McCarthy’s was rejected
It all somehow got Nixon elected. 210 more words


Walt Disney, Ronald Reagan and the Fear of Hollywood Communism

Concern over the corrupting influence of the media is nothing new.

On this day — Oct. 20 — in 1947, members of the House Un-American Activities Committee… 477 more words

Kennecott Mine Album

Abandoned buildings and structures, especially mining stuff, has always held fascination for me. Kennecott was spectacular… The hike up the lateral moraine of the Root Glacier above the mine was out of this world. 11 more words


Happy Tree vs Trashy Tree

So I saw this today


And was reminded yet again why I get so frustrated with the Modern/Abstract art community.

First off the next person that gasps and calls my art riské is getting a list of MUCH more evocative pieces than mine and told to suck it up, because I am positively conservative in comparison…you know who you are! 272 more words


Sacré Bleu! Big Ass Sex Toy Masquerading as 'Art Installation' Provokes Outrage in Paris

Place Vendôme Hosts Giant Inflatable Buttplug

Ruth Bender reports: Not everyone in Paris appears to like contemporary art.

A massive, green, inflatable installation by U.S. artist Paul McCarthy was vandalized in central Paris in the night from Friday to Saturday, according to a police official, after the piece of art entitled “Tree” sparked outrage. 376 more words


Everton 3-0 Aston Villa: A One-Sided Review

Retro day at Everton didn’t disappoint, did it? We won, we kept a clean sheet and we looked boss at footy again; seriously retro stuff on display. 768 more words

Premier League
New article

A new article has just been published in Qualitative Health Research by two authors from University of Toronto that people within the Critical Physiotherapy Network might know well.  242 more words