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McDonald's in Cuba!

Our ever so “benevolent and gracious” President extraordinaire, Barack Hussein Obama has made the “fantastic” decision of opening up “Tourist” travel to the island “paradise” 352 more words



Claudia M. González MS. RDN. LDN.

Estas épocas de fiestas y celebraciones se prestan para viajar, salir de vacaciones y disfrutar en familia en los días de descanso.  308 more words


Drunk North Olmsted Woman Tries To Order From McDonald's Drive-Thru, Falls Asleep

I can imagine ordering fast food after one has had too much to drink is pretty not shocking.  But, the drive-thru at McDonald’s?  Everyone knows the rule about drunk food – it’s Taco Bell. 90 more words


Aspiring McDonald's Customer Falls Asleep In Drive-Thru, Arrested For Drunken Driving

The woman in line at the drive-thru at a McDonald’s near Cleveland simply wanted to order some fast food and be on her way. Presumably that’s what she wanted, anyway: she was in the drive-thru line. 165 more words


McDonald's Internet

Weather: The weather is much better today with lots of sunshine for solar and my batteries are very happy about that.

Pictures: Black-throated Sparrow

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher… 95 more words


$15 Per Hour Is Not An Accident | PopularResistance.Org

“With a steady drumbeat of victories for $15 per hour now unfolding across the country – just two years after fast-food workers first went on strike in New York City in November 2012 – it’s clear that the movement for a living wage will only continue to grow. 66 more words

Living Wage