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The Cold War

The cold war, contrary to the common belief, was a real war that was supposed to be fought with guns and tanks. However, it is only called the cold war because it was fought in Russia during the middle of winter. 106 more words


Kid Says No to Being Peed on at McDonald's

Good on him…or…not on him…who asks this to people?

From ABC:

“HOUSTON — Montgomery County, Texas, detectives are investigating a bizarre encounter in a McDonald’s bathroom that traumatized a little boy. 349 more words

Answer to Income Inequality - Employers taking Personal Responsibility

The answer to income inequality is very simple. We have to make the Job Creators, Employers, and Corporations take “Personal Responsibility” for their Employees.

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times from Republicans, Conservatives, The Tea Party, even Millionaires and Billionaires how poor people need to take “Personal Responsibility”. 892 more words

Is Everybody Having Fun Without Me?

First day of classes for the semester and nobody talks to me, better yet, nobody even looks in my direction. I immediately decide I’m ugly or smell bad… or both. 316 more words


McDonald's accepts you. Why not do the same?

McDonald’s should not be to blame for the epidemic of overweight people in the pass decade or two. We live in a society in which we feel the need to pass the blame of our own faults to another. 672 more words

I'm Lovin' the McCafe Way!

I love coffee and am proud to be among the energized coffee brigade who totes a cup everywhere. I won’t just drink any swill and approach a cup of coffee like a wine connoisseur.  915 more words

ConAgra Foods

Oh, What a Job This Is

As if sleeping in wasn’t enough. Eventually I had to get up. It was the summer and all I wanted to do was to sleep all day and wake up at night but no, I felt obligated to get a job, a quick ‘n easy one. 1,603 more words

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