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I'm aliiiiive!

Hey all! Just wanted to check in and say that I’ve made it safe and sound!

It was a bit of an ordeal getting here… Not only was the flight delayed, I also had a 7hr layover in Seattle, screaming babies on the 12hr flight… Followed by a 1hr wait in customs… 1hr train to the centre of Seoul… A taxi ride that looped the campus about 4times while the driver begged pedestrians to tell him where to go… The dorm-guy not being around to check me in…. 71 more words


Sehat Itu Harus, Kurus Itu Bonus!

I’m a runner, because I love the way it makes me feel.

because running shows me what my body is capable of.

because running makes me happy.

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The press has gone hammer and tong aginst doctors.The basic
assumption is the erroneous guideline of MCI which states
that the Doctors must as far as possible write only… 325 more words

Destruction mode

The passed two days ive been very frustrated with the bus. With the amount of water damage, and that musty smell i just couldnt get rid of, i decided to just start tearing everything out. 103 more words

The interior, oh the interior!

If you were a teenager in the 70s, you would love this bus. It would bring you back to your childhood instantly. Wood paneling walls, retro light fixtures, brown leather, shag carpet, ugly vinyl flooring, Retro couch and chairs. 246 more words

Starting and mechanical issues

The bus when i took possession of it, honestly ran like crap. It wouldn’t start over half of the time, and leaked oil every where. The air system would leak out in under three hours, and white smoke would fill a parking lot when you tried to start it. 329 more words

Back tracking to when i first got the bus.

Last year i decided that i was tired of paying rent for a house id never own. With my line of work I’m unable to get a mortgage for a house with todays market. 376 more words