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A pocket guide to doing business in China | McKinsey & Company

A pocket guide to doing business in China

McKinsey director Gordon Orr goes behind the trends shaping the world’s second-largest economy to explain what companies must do to operate effectively. 154 more words

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The trouble with travel distribution - McKinsey Quarterly - Transportation - Strategy & Analysis


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A time for stress: The challenges facing Europe's banks

A time for stress: The challenges facing Europe’s banks (PDF)
Source: McKinsey & Company

In November the European Central Bank (ECB) will officially take overall responsibility for the supervision of major European banks under the Single Supervisory Mechanism.

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An Inside View of GradFly - A Next Generation ePortfolio Company

We have entered into one of the most challenging job markets ever since the onset of the Great Recession.  Not surprisingly, the job market has hit youth the hardest in that they simply cannot find jobs.   1,641 more words


The Manager and The Moron

Peter Drucker, the legendary management educator and consultant, wrote an article in 1967 where he looked into the future of business and working life. Nearly 50 years ago, he predicted challenges we face even today. 422 more words


Why owing a car is a waste of resources?

First there is the under-utilization of the fossil fuels due to engine and transmission efficiency, but there isn’t much you can do about the 86% waste of petrol… 290 more words