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The interface is the message

These videos got me very excited and thinking a lot about the possibilities of online collaboration.  I am currently doing two masters programs and I am considering writing a thesis.   684 more words

The Medium is the Message at 50

Listen to a review of Marshall McLuhan’s ideas about the media and technology. 50 years later do his theories still hold up about the media? 11 more words


From knowledgeable to knowledge-able

Just watched Michael Wesch’s Ted x talk and I thought It was really interesting that he says Media are not just tools they shape what can be said, who can say it, who can hear it and how it can be said.   164 more words

“Media, by altering the environment, evoke in us unique ratios of sense perceptions. The extension of any one sense alters the way we think and act the way we perceive the world. 504 more words

Technology & Social Media 科技&社交网络与社会

Needed - web 2.0/Social Media Guru

Ivory Tower University looking for web 2.0/social media Guru

Must be fluent in all types of social media/networks.  Must be knowledgeable of the medium as the message and the modern implications, complications and capabilities of the web 2.0. 22 more words

Web 2.0 and education.

I remember when I saw the Web 2.0 video for the first time it sent shivers down my spine as he discussed rethinking what we mean by love, rhetoric, family, ourselves.  409 more words