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The Message is the Medium

Within his chapter “The Medium Is the Message”, Marshall McLuhan explores the concept that the medium of a message becomes a part of the idea as well as the way viewers perceive the message. 332 more words

Art 309

McLuhan's message

After class on Wednesday, I was particularly inspired by the discussion surrounding McLuhan’s article “The Medium is the Massage.” When I first saw that we’d be reading some McLuhan, I must admit I was not excited in the slightest. 899 more words

Political Economy in Mumford's "Technics & Civilization"

I’ve written about the media ecology tradition, attended the Media Ecology Association’s conferences and had an article published in their journal, but up to now Marshall McLuhan’s… 598 more words

Media Analysis

I Can't Take My Eyes Off It!! -Modern Day Narcissus

The author of “Understanding Media”, Marshall McLuhan, gave his take on the influences of our culture today involving the use of the internet. McLuhan compared us users to a man heard of in ancient Greek mythology, Narcissus. 177 more words

Digital Literacy

Photos: Near-Far


These images of spontaneously glitch explicit imagery transform intimate bodily acts into abstract constructions. The data-moshing-like effect of the momentarily corrupted image dehumanise the representations revealing their mechanical falsity. 120 more words

Photos: Tripleplay


Tripleplay is a continuation of Doubleplay, focusing more on the structural properties of the digital image, where the images have been re-photographed from the screen again, further rendering the figure and the screens-within-screens equally flat and explicitly representational; unreal, reducing the transparency of the images. 32 more words

"Liberi dalla schiavitù del lavoro" apologia di Marshall McLuhan di Carlo Pizzati

Woody Allen in fila al cinema con Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall” è infastidito dalle sbruffoneggiate pseudo-intellettuali di un nevrotico newyorkese che dietro di loro parla di Marshall McLuhan. 1,231 more words

Carlo Pizzati