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Extension and Amputation: The Internet, Social Media and Digital Media

Case Study:

This analysis shall be exploring Marshall McLuhan’s proposition of ‘Extension and Amputation’ in regards to new media platforms. Using the Internet as a topic, and social media as a subtopic within the Internet, I aim to highlight the presence of amputation and extension within this digital technology platform. 3,180 more words

The Right Tool For The Job?

The headline above is not designed to be an introspective, existential question. Am I the right tool for the job? To answer this question (which wasn’t asked) I think I am the right tool for this job. 1,439 more words

Effects of Social Media on Youth Culture - Historical, Social and Cultural Framings in the Construction of Ideological Meaning and Control.

The aim of this analysis is to critique and investigate the way social media affects youth culture, in terms of ideology, social, cultural and historical framings; as well as the way it creates meaning and control. 2,948 more words

4 Big Interruptions

“The specialist makes no small mistakes while moving toward the grand fallacy.” – Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media

Things are going along relatively smoothly. Life is predictable, if not entirely enjoyable. 1,173 more words


Are We Human, Or Are We Dancers? #edcmooc

I’m not quite on my knees looking for the answer, but the second (and final) block of study on the E-Learning and Popular Culture MOOC… 1,372 more words


McLuhan and the Computer as a Communication Device

The idea of sound within the concept of The Global Village is one of McLuhan’s important concepts. He says that we live in a world where there are no boundaries of sound… We hear it from all angles but don’t necessarily know where it is coming from. 602 more words

McLuhan and McDonaldization

The idea of “printing: a ditto device” is one aspect of McLuhan’s argument in “The Medium is the Massage”. McLuhan argues that the medium is an extension of ourselves. 749 more words