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Mozilla Dev Meetup @ Jaipur

A small Dev-Meetup@Jaipur,

The plan was to share and gain the approaches and techniques for the APP development, agenda Included :

HTML5 - The real power of HTML5 was unveiled. 212 more words

Lavish Aggarwal

Song Of The Day

My personal favourite MCR song, the whole concept of this video is amazing and easily one of my top video debuts.

My Chemical Romance– Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys - 8/10

Na Na Na is described as a “punk-rock Hey Ya!”, something I agree with. Physically-light but morally-dark lyrics, a true critique of both today, yesterday and tomorrow’s future. 916 more words


If it looks like I’m laughing, I’m really just asking to leave.


Laughs. Yes, I do fake laugh. But I’m trying to be nice. (Maybe I like you, maybe I don’t. 

"Demolition lovers"

Hace un año, en mi taller de artes plásticas, nos pidieron que pintáramos en óleo sobre cualquier objeto no convencional. Así que decidí hacer una reproducción de la portada del álbum de My Chemical Romance, Three cheers for sweet revenge.

Fake Your Death -- My Chemical Romance

Alright, so I know it’s a little or a lot late but I wanted to share this very special video with you guys. Fake Your Death is My Chemical Romances last song *sobs* and, although it’s painful to listen to knowing you’ll never hear a new song from the wonderful band, it’s absolutely beautiful. 77 more words

Fake Your Death

Was Gerard Way's Drug Relapse Part of Why They Broke up?

In his post about the band breaking up he talks about slipping into bad old habits. The only bad habit that is known of from the fans is his prescription drug abuse and alcoholism from teenage years until around 2004 where he was able to sober up. 131 more words