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Adding functionality....and doing it in a cool way

Two things I like to see: Reactions that I don’t often come across and having a functional handle to utilize in some of the chemistry I am interested in…..so imagine my delight in this… 212 more words

MCR MW optimization route

Interesting new article (Beilstein JOC 2014) on a microwave optimized approach to 2-(4-((1-phenyl-1H-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)methoxy)phenyl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazoles via a 3-component reaction combination, The group decided that 3 possible combinations were feasible to provide the final compounds depending on how the starting materials were reacted together, Path A — 2 step with the triazole ring formed first then cyclocondensation with the diamine….Path C forms the benzimidazole first followed by   the cycloaddition of the azide to the acetylene susbstrate……and Path B were each of the reactions are taking place under the same set of conditions in one-pot. 301 more words

The UK Dream update

Found myself flapping off about Dublin & Manchester over Wild Ginger with Lizzie.  Thankfully, I hadnt seen her since I had been back so there were no accidental repeats in my “fun facts” or “when I was in Manchester,” short stories.   303 more words

Gerard Way says ‘The Black Parade’ was supposed to be the end of My Chemical Romance

After releasing his debut solo track, “Action Cat,” and recently speaking about life after My Chemical RomanceGerard Way has revealed a little more insight into the demise of the band. 402 more words

Gerard Way

Gerard Way Reveals Solo Album Title

It looks like Gerard Way has revealed the title of his upcoming solo album! According to his tweet, the album is called Hesitant Alien. Who’s excited?!

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Some Creative Reading...

So today i had to head into the Northern Quatre of Manchester to go for a meeting regarding Corner House’s Website. I found the Northern Quatre to be a very inspirational area of Manchester! 158 more words


Rey Fonder's Teaser of "Babyblues Video"

Here is a TEASER of Rey Fonder’s “Baby Blues Video”, stay tune for the full Video Coming Soon!