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Day 205 In the Pursuit of Love #76


This number 76 is important to me because I feel as if I have been de-frauded. For almost a year, my stats have said that my best number of views for the day was 75. 645 more words


TILTed Renovation part 2

We are proceeding with renovations! We have done this before, under different conditions, and so I had an idea for the steps I should take. As we go along I keep adding more, which is appropriate since nothing is ever as simple as you think it will be. 800 more words


Day 203 In the Pursuit of Love (Photography/Law of Attraction)

I had not heard of the Law of Attraction until around 9 years ago. Little did I know that it is like the Law of Gravity — it functions 100% of the time whether you never heard about it — actively disbelieve it — or practice it only once in a while. 989 more words


What is a MCS (Mesoscale convective system) ? Find out here!

Sometimes a group of strong thunderstorms can organise themselves into an MCS, which produces a very characteristic radar and satellite signature. If they reach certain requirements (Cloud temp and size, along with duration), they can be classified as a MCC (Mesoscale convective complex). 384 more words

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"Walk, and by walking, make your way"

“….because stars are only born out of chaos” OSHO

Back in the day, when intellect was my strong suit, I went through a 5 year long obsession with mathematical philosophy (and chess), I actually claimed mathematics was my ‘religion/spiritual path’ because it made sense to me on a deeper level than anything else ever had. 1,680 more words

Biotoxin Illness

My Top 15 Motion City Soundtrack Songs

(Going with a classic MCS picture, sorry Claudio)

It was extremely hard to make this list. I couldn’t decide where to rank the 15 once I narrowed it down to 15, which was damn near impossible. 490 more words


TILTed Renovation part 1

There’s a reason why TILTed is just an adjective but Mom is the noun for my blog. Mom is my main job and during the summer it is what I spend most of my time dealing with. 911 more words