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All Kinds of TILTing

There’s always something. Fifteen years ago during my second and worst health crisis, there was not always something; instead it was many things all the time that were terrifying. 766 more words

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Amelia Hill - EHS and MCS

Amelia Hill, former feature writer for national magazines such as House & Garden and Real Living Magazine, is allergic to the 21st century and is virtually living inside a bubble in her parents’ home.  115 more words

Smart Meters

meaning, memory, mom, and me

A few days ago, my mother was complaining that she can’t remember anything. She expressed significant anguish about this, asking “What is the point of living if you can’t remember your experiences later?”. 1,642 more words

TILTed Appliances

Linda recently posted about her washing machine dilemma and it reminded me of the many stages of appliance decay that can be found in our home. 646 more words

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

My Work Space

(Warning: This blog is apropos of absolutely nothing. I needed a rambling connection with you all. *smiles*)

Hi there!

It’s late morning and I’ve been busy. 523 more words


Vog Blog


Okay…brace yourself, Bertha. You may not want to hear this. If so, feel free to stick your fingers in your ears and go neyh, neyh, neyh. 479 more words

Life In Hawaii

Grandes poetas contemporáneos. Con todos ustedes, El Chojin.

Uno de los estilos musicales más radicales irredentos y dispares es el Hip Hop. Dentro del Hip Hop podemos encontrar diferentes tendencias, desde los raperos gansters con vidas de banda de delincuentes y que acaban muriendo jóvenes, en enfrentamientos con la policía u otras bandas rivales, estos son canis americanos, que allí también los hay. 1,492 more words