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Pass reference to file in asset sub folder

Here is the layout of my android project:


So, what I am trying to do is to pass a string reference of Image1.jpg to the following method ( 71 more words


Being diagnosed with MCS

As a child, it was common for me to have hives (usually on my shoulders and upper arms) and random fevers.  I wouldn’t exactly say I was “sickly” but I often had fleeting ailments that would come and go as quickly as a few hours to a few days.   807 more words


TILTed Workplace

I think the worst part of having this restrictive disability is feeling useless. I am lucky enough to have survived the other horrible parts like the phase where I thought I was going crazy, the stage where I believed doctors who labeled me with somatoform disorder, and the many times where I explained this illness to my friends. 1,203 more words


MCS (Miracle Charge System)

MCS (Miracle Charge System) cutting-edge technologies have changed the battery restoration and management system by making it possible to restore or discharge a large range of battery capacity from V~150V to 4,000AH/C10. 166 more words

More Products

First things first...

Hello, my name is Deven Rue and I’m an artist currently living in Portland, Oregon.  My artwork is mostly with wood burning (pyrography) or pyro-engraving on leather.   356 more words


What is the difference between a chemical allergy and a chemical toxicity?

This is a question I get a lot and often people just don’t understand what chemical toxicity is and why it is different from an allergy. 416 more words

Health Issues From Mold Exposure

10th Annual Poets Vs. MCs @ Concorde 2 - 24th Jan 2013

Poet Michael Parker put it something like this, ‘a battle lasts a few hours, this has lasted 10 years, this isn’t a battle – it’s a war!’ This decade-long conflict between the Hammer & Tongue poetry collective and Slip Jam:B MCs is showing no signs of coming to any sort of bloody, gory, victorious conclusion any time soon.  450 more words