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Counterbalance: Aware Friends

I am still recovering from my misadventures in the workplace. I hate being back in a state of chronic symptoms rather than a baseline of good health with exposure related symptoms. 663 more words



The drive took about 5 hours, weaving in and out through the mountains and through small road side towns. We stopped for snacks and lunch once and finally made it to the outskirts of Kabul. 702 more words

Diary Entry

Mold and Me (part 2)

Between 1993-2001 my health was okay. I had problems but nothing that impeded my ability to go to school or work. I preferred late morning or afternoon shifts instead of mornings, I had several bouts of systemic yeast infections, I had lots of issues with food sensitivities, and most winters I got bronchitis at least once. 648 more words

Medical History

Children & Environmental Toxins - Must Read Info for Pediatricians and Parents

Adults are not the only ones affected by Mycotoxins, chemicals and other environmental contaminates. From my research and interviews with medical professionals, mold remediators and affected families I can tell you that children especially young children are just as vulnerable as adults to illnesses caused by environmental toxins. 389 more words

Health Issues From Mold Exposure

Pass reference to file in asset sub folder

Here is the layout of my android project:


So, what I am trying to do is to pass a string reference of Image1.jpg to the following method ( 71 more words


Being diagnosed with MCS

As a child, it was common for me to have hives (usually on my shoulders and upper arms) and random fevers.  I wouldn’t exactly say I was “sickly” but I often had fleeting ailments that would come and go as quickly as a few hours to a few days.   807 more words


TILTed Workplace

I think the worst part of having this restrictive disability is feeling useless. I am lucky enough to have survived the other horrible parts like the phase where I thought I was going crazy, the stage where I believed doctors who labeled me with somatoform disorder, and the many times where I explained this illness to my friends. 1,203 more words